Thursday, April 28, 2011

Raja Muda Clan

When I was 7 years old, mama and baba registered me at SRK Raja Muda Sec. 4, Shah Alam. I still remembered that I was in 1 Kuning. I was good friends with Wan Rosalina & Akmal Atiqi. I was friends with Faiz Saidina Omar, Arshad Zhafri and Shairazi..these are among the names that I can still remember..
I really appreciate my Raja Muda friends..we sort of followed our own path when we embark into university. I cant remember when was the 1st step initiated to gather all the gang.. Normally it would be Golek and I who happens to love gathering the gang..the most memorable gathering was at Kedai Kopi @ Tasik Shah Alam..almost everyone came..! then the trend sort of continued to straddle. Tengku Edzuan and Izhar were among the earliest to settle down.. I attended both weddings and the ceremonies were wonderful. Edzuan embraced a handsome baby boy name Mikael after one year while Izhar recently embraced a beautiful baby girl in 2010..
Last year was quite a havoc for us.. 3 of the Raja Muda clan got married; Sharifah in March 2010, me in June 2010 and Golek July 2010..and as expected, the clan were there..usually the strong supporters would be Haslinda, Zuhairy and Edzuan.. basically what I am trying to share here is we still manage to be in contact, supporting each others occasion and we are still friends after knowing each other since 7 years old… that is a very long time..

Class of 5 Kuning ==> sharifah has the full name list
Strong supporters..!

Sharifah's wedding reception  


My wedding reception


Golek's wedding reception at SUK section 8, Shah Alam

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