Sunday, April 24, 2011

Antenatal Class @ DEMC

i intended to participate the class in March but it was fully booked. thankfully i managed to slot our names for April. this antenatal is held once a month only with cooperation from Anmum Fonterra and the hospital's specialists.

this was the itinerary:-

A) Nutrition During Pregnancy

The talk was delivered by the people from Anmum..nothing new..

B) Pregnancy and Labour Process

The talk was delivered by Dr. Fairuz and it was really anticipating! a lot of new info and i believe it was a wake-up call to the husbands..the eerie photos that she shared with us does gave me some did make me ponder how my labour would be...

Speculum used to check the opening
Assisting birth via vacuum and forcep

Episiotomy; to enlarge the opening assisting the birth
C) Pain Relief

The talk was delivered by Dr Afaf..she explained on options that pregnant mothers have upon labour.. interestingly she shared with us that from a scale of 1-50, men only can understand a physical pain up until 20 only and this is due sport injuries or sprained limbs..on the other hand, a labor pain is twice that amount and she even noted us "jadi kepada sang suami, percaya lah sang isteri bukan mengada2 tapi memang benar2 sakit..kamu takyah laaa nasihatkan die bertahan sakit skit jer lagi.."

Pethidine - Entonox @ Laughing Gas - Epidural
D) Care of Newborn

The talk was delivered by Dr Koshy. he shared with us the techniques to bath and clean our baby, optional immune system after some stipulated periods and explanation on Jaundice..his greatest remark was "susu ibu adalah hadiah yang terbaik untuk anak2 kamu...kamu penah dgr kambing mintak tolong dr lembu supply susu? jadi, bila ade demand akan ada supply...dont such thing as saya tak cukup susu jadi saya suap anak susu formula"

Treating Jaundice
E) Successful breastfeeding

The talk was delivered by Pn Jasmine..very funny and upfront lady..she kept stressing out the fact that breastfeeding is extremely vital for cognitive development and child's immune system. she taught us on the correct techniques and the best breastpump to buy..thankfully spectra was one of them..

Pn Jasmine stressed out a few points on wearing the right bra for nursing.

Nursing Bra - highly recommended; buy during late stages of pregnancy with 1 size bigger

Buy a full cup, 3 hooks, no underwire with big straps
Never open the bra by pulling it upwards while BF as it applies pressure on the breast.
F) Breathing technique during labour

The execise was given away by ...i forgotten her name..anyhow, she showed us simple exercises strengthening the thighs, opening the cox, enduring cramps, reducing backaches and breathing techniques during labour. she stressed out the Kegel Exercise should be made as a habit if you want you va-jay-jay to be tighten again..

Squat - good for the pelvic
Hamstring stretch - to ease cramps
Taylor Sitting
Pelvic Rock
Pelvic Rock Supine - to ease the back pain
To conclude, these are my 2 cents thoughts on the antenatal class:-

1. the fee RM100.00 is overrated because the food was lousy..plain bihun for breakfast and sandwiches for tea break...?
2. the class was informative and efficient. good for 1st timers because you tend to expect the unknown.
3. better preparation and stronger mindset as you'll learn things that werent told by the book.
4. it is best to join this class when you are already 8 months so that the information will be soldered to your brain

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