Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby Golek and Baby H

While Sharifah and i are in "suspense mode", my other lovely friends are doing fine with their newborns.. i've blog about Golek, Mizah and kakza.. So here are the updates on their babies.. got the photos from their FB yea.. ini lah yg berlaku kalu penat tggu contraction yea... tengok2 gambar anak org lain..both babies are SOOOO CUTE AND TEMBAM AND MCM NAK GIGIT JER... bape kilo agaknyer setiap pipi tuh yea??

1. Baby Golek: Aishah Zafiyya binti Muzaffar

the parents
the result
 2. Baby H: Aniq Hareez bin Abd Hafis

the source of genes
the outcome

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