Friday, May 20, 2011

May 18, 2011: Wednesday 

I have been on MC for the past 2 days which were Monday and Tuesday. I really intended to have my MC until labor but apparently if my MC is continuous until labor, then my maternity leave (ML) will commence on the 1st day I embark with the MC.. So with great reluctance, i went to to work as usual..

the baby’s movement has slowed down since Sunday.. I did go to DEMC yesterday but much to our surprise, DEMC was also on holiday mode. And I thought hospitals are excluded from public holidays.
So this morning uncle din and I went to DEMC and did the CTG. While I was connected to the machine, my tummy did harden once and the reading went up! I just watch the machine with excitement. Later the nurse checked my dilation and surprise! I am already open at 1 cm.. She explained that a minor contraction occurred while I was linked to the machine. During the antenatal class, Dr. Fairuz already explained that it will take almost 10 hours to reach 10cm. So I decided to go to work after all.. 

Good news upon meeting my colleagues, Abg Zul informed me that if an MC was given to rest at home, it will not be added together with ML. In the event an MC was given upon admission until labor, then the ML will commence on the 1st day of admittance. I was very glad to hear that.. This means I can have my MC for tomorrow and Friday while waiting for the dilation reaching 10cm..Selamber badak jer dtg keje kan..aku sgt laa tak selesa skrg nih…

May 19, 2011: Thursday
Well ,24 hours have passed and yet still no contractions.. i just came back from Alam Medic and obtain an MC for Thursday and Friday.. Yesterday was very funny.. Everyone was very surprised to see me and keep asking the same questions; "nape dtg lagi? bila nak cuti? larat ke dtg lagi nih? nape tak amek cuti jer?" i did rest a lot at the surau for i had several backaches whilst at my desk.. at the surau, i answered those expected questions by saying "dora dh open 1cm..insyaAllah anytime now.." so that was when i heard a lot of stories about dilation.. some people are just soo lucky whereby their dilation did not take much time to reach 10 cm.. some took days while others have to opt for surgery as the dilation was very slow.. there is an old adage that says intensive walking will make the labor easier.. and so i did.. i walk to and fro from the parking lot and RND building.. urrrghh...penat giler..

Now, i am in my room, tidying my room while waiting for things to happen naturally.. uncle din is at work and i am accompanied by my parents.. believe it or not they're betting among themselves either i'll deliver tomorrow or saturday.. layan jer laa~

We'll see if this will be my last post before i go to the hospital..

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