Sunday, May 15, 2011


This week has been full of suspense for me.. it is very common to hear people delivered their baby by 36 or 37 weeks.. and it is very common for people being detained during checkup as the doc would say "ok, see ya in labor room".. i was expecting that too.. physically and mentally ready for it..but then again, my fate begs to differ~

My follow-up check up was on May 13, 2011.. i dropped off uncle din at the blue mosque and i dozed off at DEMC's surau while waiting for the appointment scheduled at 2.30 pm.. we got in the doctor's office at 3.00 pm instead and did the scanning as usual.. i was very glad that the baby's weight is progressing accordingly; gaining 200g per week.. but the mother is gaining 1kg per week! i have officially gained 25kg..! mak aiiiih~ the doctor said that my amniotic fluid is still ample, baby has already engaged, my tummy isnt that big, its good that the baby is small (below 3kg) and she checked my opening..apparently there was no sign of opening yet even though the baby's head has slightly moved downwards..

so what was the result of the c/up? "i'll see u in another 2 weeks.. if there is any contraction, come down the hospital thru the emergency route" i was totally stunned............ i was speechless and was uttering to find my words.. is this doctor for real?? if i come for my next checkup after 2 weeks, it will be 3 days countdown to my EDD.. mak aaaaaaiii... biaq betoi... wasnt the doctor supposed to monitor me closely? once a week i suppose? before we left, i did a CTG at the next room..this is to monitor the baby's heartbeat and aligned it with my contraction..something like that..the doc viewed the result and said everything is fine. the nurse did informed me that if the baby's movement is less that 10 times per day (10 am ~ 10 pm) i can go to the Labor Room at 2nd floor and do another CTG at any time.. when she asked me for my next checkup, i told her want to meet the doc another week apart, not two weeks... regardless of what the doc has said, i believe i must be monitored closely by once a week..

i went home with a bitter aftertaste.. uncle din said that i should be grateful that the doc said everything is fine.. in his opinion, it means that both baby and mother are healthy.. just be patience and wait for things to happen naturally..i do agree with him at some point but i still feel that i must be monitored closely... kan?

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  1. ke mmg dah xbuat 1-week check up ek? aku pun gitu, the following checkup nye gap is 2 weeks from d previous. i thot i shud already be monitored weekly..

    now period-like pain and stinging sensation dah dtg dah.. im nervous, but also excited!