Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The End of Program Pak Arab

FINALLY…! My Project Pak Arab is done..! Yeah~ I had to endure a lot of backaches and headaches for the meeting preparation with their Director.. The meeting was re-scheduled on May 10, 2011. Last week was very intense. Confirming the bosses’ attendance, finalizing meeting materials, chasing the PIC, lunch reservation, urgh.. I do love handling events but not in my current state.. Excessive weight more than 20kg, I think you can envision the exhaustion I faced. My tummy keep cramping and hardening continually and skipping lunch hours but I would still insist of returning home promptly at 5.30pm.  
This week was not very much different than last week. I was very prudent with myself not to fall sick during the weekend. Nevertheless, I was so immersed with my work load that I vomited twice after lunch hour. So when the meeting begun precisely at 9.00 am, I had to manage two things at once; taking notes and preparing the beverages. The obligation continued until afternoon. I was really looking forward for lunch as I ordered Chicken Rice and Bihun Singapura. While everyone was dining, I on the other hand was at the laptop furnishing the meeting materials. And once I was done, to my great surprise, the tray was completely empty. With a little slight of hope I went next door as I did had reserved extra Chicken Rice in the office. And again, it had been completely consumed by my colleagues. They thought that we had ample food inside the meeting room. Normally we would have extra foods but I just can’t seem to understand why the food was insufficient.
The damage has been done. I did not have lunch, I was now seated at my desk sulking and pulling a long face. The meeting was scheduled to resume at 2.00 pm and I went downstairs easily at 2.20 pm. To add further insult to the injury, my Project Manager requested abruptly to arrange transportations the next day as an attempt to accommodate the Arabs boys to the airport.. urrrgh… People just don’t understand the burden a pregnant woman is carrying.. As the blue genie in Aladdin would say “your wish is my command”, I just fulfilled what has been instructed. Everything ended by 5.30 pm and I was extremely glad.. As I was packing things in the meeting room, I was bolt from the blue that one of my colleagues heard about my crocodile tears and bought me a box of Ayamas.. This was even better..!  
I would say that the day ended pleasantly.. Epitome to Shakespeare’s masterpiece; All Well Ends Well.. Now I can have a serene mind preparing for the new comer in the family.    

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