Friday, May 06, 2011

Project Pak Arab & contractions

Next week will be the highlight of my Project Pak Arab. Their director will visit Proton and will hold a discussion on the existing project with them. I really dont mind handling the meetings if I am fit and well.. But seriously off recent late, i am experiencing a lot of minor constraction regardless of the time.. Yesterday while i was presenting my materials to my Head of Department, i felt an abrupt pain in the waist and my tummy was harden.. I started to sweat a lot but i continued with the presentation.. i was fanning myself and control my breathing.. Subhannallah.. kat ofis pon boleh kena kaa..???

i had ample sleep last nite.. doze off at 10.30 pm and woke up upon hearing Azan Subuh.. As i was about to turn sideways, i had a strong cramp at my left leg.. Bestnyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrr....~ Menjerit melalak laa sambil goncang uncle din.. puas laaa uncle din bengkokkan ibu jari kaki and ketuk2 tumit.. The cramp eventually settled but my leg became sore.. The aftermath of a cramp is unbearable.. Normally i would opt for an MC but i am so immersed with my Project Pak Arab, i dont think i can afford a leave.. Even though with a sore leg, i just bare with the pain and went to work..

I just finished the major presentation materials and thanks to a practical trainee in the office; Sabri, i just pass some meticulous tasks to him..i skipped my lunch and was glued at the monitor since morning.. Believe it or not, the baby's movement was very strong and quite alternated with the minor contraction and I had minimal concentration on work.. I was all alone in the office…

Uncle din is on the way to fetch me and he is from I am contemplating either  I’ll be delivering soon or will do so in another 2 weeks time..the thoughts of the uncertainty is such an irk..

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