Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Work Oppression

How do you manage stress at work?

Stress may be caused by your boss, colleagues, work load and even unnecessary stupidity from irrelevant people..while, mine mostly came from my colleague and work load…….
I am a woman of principles…I stand by my believes and admit my mistakes..i don’t prolong matters but I do keep grudge to those who hurt me..i am well trained by my father who happens to be a high disciplinary, among the things that inherited from him are:-
1. outing to any complex or shopping mall (especially shopping malls) è I would wake up early, get ready in advanced and insist my hubby (even during our friendship days) to make a move latest by 12pm and arrived at the desired destination before lunch time…I would do this even though the trip was only to PKNS, Alam Sentral and Giant sec.13…my reason? Takut takde parking….and I hate traffic jamm..
2. coming to work è I allocated myself an hour to get ready and would embark on a journey while it is still dawn..why? I hate traffic jam and I really prefer a nice spot of parking that doesn’t require much walking..
3. spending lunch break è normally I would bring my meal from home or would buy something in the morning that would last until lunch..and during this lunch hour, I prefer to take a nap at the surau until zuhur prayer then return to the reasons? Malas nak kuar ofis, naik kereta gi kedai, then balik kena cari semula parking and jalan semula ke ofis….and it is totally against my principles to leave or arrive at the office beyond the designated time…kuar ofis before 1pm and return after 2pm is not my style…YES, SKEMA YEA…
4. appointments è I believe in arriving at the promised location 20,30 minutes in advanced..i hate waiting for people so I would assure that I will not do that to others..
So the reason I am sharing these is basically because my dear colleague happens to be totally against my doctrine..always missing from the office, prioritizing nonsense over work, constant lingering, hiding behind pseudo-occupied task, arriving late and returning home early, and the worst part is when I have to take over his task… crap…..
My EDD is almost near and handling all these nonsense does make me become cantankerous….

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