Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bohana means family - Penang

My mother originated from Penang..according to her, she and her 2 elder brothers lived with their grandma while the younger 3 siblings lived her mother..raised by a firm grandmother, she kinda nurtured a firm personality too..i am saying this so because she raised us in a no-nonsense manner and very little tolerance clumsiness and stupidity..sounds like we were raised by an army's wife but that is truly what happened.. she is not like other mothers i've known..she doesnt portray or express her love by words or gifts..mostly by gestures..she may not be pleasant and warm like other mothers but i do understand the reasoning behind this...she is very strong and will not shed tears easily..

Family tree

My late grandma

Her younger siblings
 Mama possess an effortless beauty..coming from a heritage of Chinese and Punjabi, she looks soo much like an Arab lady..fair complexion, dark black hair, sharp nose and rosy cheeks...i've always adored her beauty.. and she would say "my mother was much more beautiful when she was young"...i will always have this feeling of sadness for not inheriting this beauty..instead of being fair like the former ladies in the family, i on the other hand have a dark skin tone and was constantly teased for it....i looked like an adopted child when we hold hands crossing the roads..we look like friends when we're out shopping for people wont believe that i am her daughter...

Frankly speaking, i dont think i can be as strong as her...she has a strong will and high determination..she may be 60 years old now, but she is currently a lecturer who is completing her PhD in Mass Communication..i love her will all my heart and pray for her in every solat everyday....

when she was 20 something

1991: accompanied baba to NZ..she was 40..

the priceless smile..I LOVE YOU MAMA~

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