Monday, April 04, 2011

Besties 01 - GOLEK

Zamila Aleiya Zahari aka GOLEK.. ;)

We started way back when we were only 10 years old..both of us joined Tunas Puteri and we were in one group..she has always been outspoken and histrionic while i on the other hand; used to be very schizoid and shy..apparently we happened to realize that our parents are also friends true a mutual friend; auntie asmah... in standard 4, we were in different classes so we tend to mingle with one another during co-cu activities only

1995, standard 5, class of 5 Kuning

As a result of being accolade of 2nd in class 4 Jingga, i was offered to the best class in school; 5 Kuning..i was very very very timid and shy...i was insecure and did not have any self-esteem at all...worst of all, i was shadowed by brother's success of being the Best Male Student SRK Raja Muda 1994..people thougt i might be as intelligent as him but i was just a mediocre student who got lucky securing herself in a top class..Golek has constantly been in the very best of classes..she's clever..she's very cute (chubby chubby cheeks) and had long black locks....really beautiful..we were became closer as i was always clinging on to her..i was very happy that i have a friend who can actually protect me against all odds..

This was also the time where i started to be friends with the Raja Muda clan; Tengku Edzuan, Sharifah Zahira, Haslinda, Siti Zuraini, Nurul Nadiah, Rosnah, Arsad Zhafri and etc..

1996, standard 6, class of 6 Merah

Got good results for final exam help to secure a spot in the best mix class in school..the class was like 1Malaysia..i mixed with the best chinese and indians in the, i befriended with Nik Dewi Delina, Farah Hafieza, Izhar, Ailanee, Diana Arshad, Ng Kuan Yew, Wan Deh Sze, Arlinder Kaur and etc..Golek was in 6 Kuning..we were still friends but werent that closed anymore..she embark her journey of wearing a hijab while i was still flashing my curly hair..i looked soooooo thanx to hair dresser Niza sec. 3..i graduated primary school with flying colours as i got 4As..that was the highest number of As by then..

1997 ~ 2001; high school, Sek. Men. Sultan Sallehuddin Abdul Aziz Shah

We went to the same high school and went through sooooooo much together..she was there when i was in my 1st relationship, she accepted me when i was cut-off from my gurl friends, she shared every joy and avid moments in conclude; she was always there....yes, we do have our dark moments and hard times..who doesn't..but we understood each other so well that every obstacles that occurred where settled without much issues..

During this period, i've learned a lot from Golek..i've changed from being timid and insecure to possess a vibrant personalities..i was very upfront and not demoralized by failure..she gave me strength, courage and most important of all; she was sincere...

When i was 17 years old

2002 ~ 2005; diploma UiTM

When we embark into our varsity years, we went separate ways..Golek ventured in Accountancy and was studying in Malacca while i took Electrical Engineering Shah expected, everyone matures thru time and tend to meet new people..we rarely met but were constantly in-the-know of each other's life..the best thing about Golek is that regardless of having new vibrant friends, she still remembers is nice when someone you care always come back for feel that sense of importance..we would gossip about everything..EVERYTHING..

i appreciated her the most when i had my 1st was unbearable..Golek was there..diffusing +ve thoughts, helping me thru the hard times......simply said, she was there..

2005 ~ 2008; degree UiTM

We pursued degree in UiTM and this time, Golek took she was stationed in Shah Alam which means we are much closer now..i remembered she took those extra classes duirng semester and she scored 4.00..she really is damn clever..during degree, i was frustated once again when my ex-bf did not commit to his promises and left me for someone else..i was very very much distraught..Golek gave me a valueable piece of advise; emphasize my commitment to Allah, recite Yassin more freqeuntly and never neglect solat anymore...Praise be to Allah..straddle with Golek's advise, i learnt that failing in love twice was just a bump to meet the one true love of my life..and that was when i crossed path with Uncle Din..

Golek was definitely very excited when i told her about uncle din..coming from the same origin (kelate mari), Golek never gave up convincing me that uncle din was the right person for me..i am forever indebtful to her for that..

2008 ~ present 

Presently, both of us endured a quite similar path..we got married in the same year; 2010..just an interval of 2 months..and now we're both heavily pregnant with an interval of just 2 weeks...nope, im not leading the race.. she is.. ;) bunting pelamin...hahahaaahaa....we are much closer now and im really glad that i have her in my life..i havent updated my FB ever since i got married but im constantly in touch with Golek via emails and sms...i even plan to ask my baby to call her "mama golek" instead of Auntie Yaa....

She is definitely a one true friend and i pray hard to Allah that our friendship will last forever..amin...


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