Sunday, April 03, 2011

Being Pregnant

During our honeymoon, i've mentioned to uncle din many times that i want the honeymoon-period to last easily for a year..we will start thinking about babies after our 1st anniversary..i was also told by many people that once you got married, you will no longer endure the horrifying pain of PMS..but then again, i was wrong..

After enduring the unbearable pain twice after married, i went to seek for a gynae's advise..according to her, i might have is condition where the blood accumulates somewhere else and disturbs the whole system.. some people have to undergo surgery just to get it fix..some cannot conceive for many years until the cyst disappears..i was very saddened by this news and the gynae advise me not to do any planning before the next PMS.. i was definitely in limbo..but i did followed her advise..

It was Eid Celebration and this time, i experienced my 1st raya at hubby's hometown;Kelantan..Kg Badak Mati yea..flight tickets were sold out and we took a bus..that night, i really did not feel well as i continuously vomitted. thankfully when we were on the bus, i was quite ok..i was unable to fast so i brought some food and water.. our seat was 2nd in the row at front..the good thing was we did not have any neighbour so i get to stretch my legs across uncle din's lap..well, i do have long legs, what would you expect?

After a 12 hours journey instead of the conventional 8 hours, abah fetch us and we arrived home safely..everyone (his siblings) have already arrived and they asked how does it feel to ride a bus home to kelantan? i said i would never take a bus again after was irrevocably horrible and everyone just laughed at the shah alam girl for being tortured on a 12 hours ride...hmmm...

I had sooo much fun for raya and i did ate a vast of kelantan goodness...their foods are great! suddenly on Sunday after having dinner, i started to feel sick..i was constantly vomitting and diarrhea.. uncle din prepared a bucket next to bed and yeah, i keep vomitting for hours until almost dawn..when the dust has settle, i was fast asleep and woke up at noon........i felt really sick...........and it lasted for 2 days....what a waste of MIL suspected something but i did not encouraged the thought. so everyone just thought i might have food poisoning and i am not used with kelantan's food...oh well..

2 weeks later out of curiosity i bought the P-test and tadaaaa~~ it was +ve after goodness...we waited until i was completely 8 weeks before i seek for confirmation..and there it was; a little human in my small....despite of being very happy, the journey was excruciating as i am one of those who possess hormone imbalance..yes, severe nausea and morning was horrible..i would vomit 10 - 15 times a day, maximum was 20 times, diarrhea, hydrated, i was warded in DEMC for one nite and continued resting at home, the doc once gave me a 1 week MC, i am always on MC once or twice a week, my face was lifeless and whenever i am at home, i would lie down incapable of doing anything...i hated any cooking aroma, i cant even smell or the stand the sight of curry, sambal or any oily food..i dont consume rice anymore and i cant even drink plain water...this lasted for 4 months and i only gained 2kilos so far..

The 2nd trimester was very much different..when i was exactly 28 weeks, everything changed abruptly..the vomitting stop and the nausea became less..i started to eat happily and freely but remained cautious..and now ladies and gentleman, by the end of 2nd trimester i have gained 16kilos...4kilos (month 4), 6 kilos (month 5) and 4kilos (month 6) total 16kilos bebeh..!

the 3rd trimester, while im currently in, im trying my best to control my fact, i still managed to replace my fasting days for 7 days..still got 3 days to go though..being pregnant at 31 weeks, i've already gained goodness...i really dont know how to shed all the weight later....

1st peek into the belly; 3 months old
4 months old
5 months old

4D scan; 6 months old, side view

4D scan; front view

4D scan; diameter of the skull

6 months old

Latest 7 months old..that is the face..eyes, nose, lips

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