Saturday, April 02, 2011

Bohana means family - Malacca

Family means everything to me..have always been and will always be..i have 4 siblings and i am the only girl.. being the only girl isnt much fun neither..continually bullied, dressed like the bros, treated like the bros and worst of all wasnt raised entirely in a feminine yeah, i am tough..

Malacca's side

These are my late grandparents on baba's side..i was told by my aunt that nenek came from Indonesia while atok was originated from Malacca..

The Family

Wo de papa

This is the concoction from the gramps..he used to tell us stories that atok was a fisherman while nenek had to raise 5 children + 1 adopted daughter..baba is the 2nd among the siblings..Alhamdulillah, Allah gave him a lot of sustenance as he was offered to boarding school during high school and pursued to New Zealand. later he joined ITM,met my mom and the rest was history.....

Reception day 1978
Wo you liang ge gege he yi ge mei mei
see? same hairstyle and outfit with the bros..we looked like 4 boys..i am sharing this story because i'll be starting my own family soon...i am already 8 months pregnant and glancing back at my life does make me put a lot of thought of my own..will i be happily married for more than 30 years like them? will i bear 4 or 5 children too? InsyaAllah..

Our happy family; while we were in England

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