Saturday, April 16, 2011

Busy week

it has been a terribly busy week..not soo hectic but was definitely current project which involves engineers from SAudi Arabia will be completing their training with the planning and coordinator, i have a pile of reports that must be prepared to draw the curtains week their director will be coming to Proton..we'll be discussing on several maters and like previously, i am very certain the scenario wouldnt be much different..a lot of does take a lot of composure to liaise with they would say A and agree with you..suddenly out of no where they would say B and be your opponent...lesson learnt: every part of the discussion much be minuted and obtained mutual agreement from both parties..

back to the backlog, i've been spending the whole week preparing for these reports and i have 5 reports in total...the groundwork did consume a lot of energy..normally i would have a heavy breakfast so i'll survive through lunch..during lunch break, i would go to the surau and doze off for 1 hour..yes, 1 least i'll be fully energized to continue my work..i've been so cranky at the office too...i barely smile and put on a very sour face.. what would you expect? i am heavily pregnant (8 months++) and i have to endure all these meticulous least my superior would lay back a little as he notice i do look tired and fatigue..but there's nothing much that can be done..this is my project and the responsibility is mine to bear..

yesterday was friday as i've planned to have a long good nap easily around 2 hours..instead, i stayed in the office and was trying my best to finish my work..thankfully Golek accompanied me via at least i wasnt that bored and the end of the day, i managed to complete most of the work but would still require some furnishing...i've always believe that your work defines and reflect your thoughts and personalities..if your work is sloppy, then nothing much is needed to say about you..but if your work is accurate, precise, impressive and uses the right english, it does shows that you are avid about your work..i am like gives me great satisfaction when i completed my task with flying would be a bonus if my work is made an exemplar to others..

next week will be worst..the meeting scheduled for two days..i must stay fit and healthy for the weekend so that i wont be needing any medical boss even ask me favour to endure the week and get some rest later.. we just have to wait and see..

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