Saturday, April 16, 2011

8 months preggy

i had my check-up last week on April 8, 2011 as i am already 8 months now..the doctor was a little bit stunned with my weighty gain...1 kg per week bebeh..i look like a hippo..i told her that her supplement caused me to experienced some diarrhea and cramps..she gave me calcium and iron..maybe the irons were not suitable with me..oh well..

we did the scanned and voila! the baby's head is already downwards..i am so glad..doc said normally the baby would turn when she is already 7 months..mine was a little bit late.never mind, better late than never..she is only 1.88 kg..small for an 8 months old baby..i truly believe that she is gonna be daddy's little gurl...oh yea, it is confirmed that i am bearing a gurl..nice right? i wanted to see her face so bad but she's terribly shy..she keep pressing her face at the placenta so i only get to see her side view..other good news were that i dont have any fungus and toxoplasmosis...those who experienced the excessive whitish mucus are very much prone to have fungus..and those who happens to have cats also have the tendency to have toxoplasmosis which is very dangerous to the baby..i am glad that i dont have both..

uncle din accompanied me to the gynae and we were very exhausted....we had lunch and went straight home w/o detouring any spots..

Baby is facing downwards
8 months pregnant @ 22kg extra weight


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