Saturday, April 16, 2011

Besties 02 - Nonik

Nurazhani Rusli aka NONIK

i've known Nonik since primary school but we were not friends back then..both of us were in a different crowd.. our friendship blossom when we were in Form 1 secondary school..both of us were prefects and that sort of flourish the friendship..she resigned from her designation in Form 3 saying that she wanted to focus on her studies while i on the other hand straddle with my obligation until graduation..

Nonik and i are very much fact, when the 3 of us hang out together; Golek, Nonik and i it sort of turn heads around because Nonik is the sexy sultry one, Golek is the descent one wearing her hijab while i was the mediocre where not wearing the hijab but not showing much skin, yeah..3 of us are quite odd in a way..

in my definition, Nonik lives a luxurious her bungalow house in sec.3 shah alam, there is only the mother and the maid..her brother is currently studying in Japan..her father passed away when she was just 8 years old and the mother is an engineer with Angkasapuri..her life is quite lonely in that big house..mother is married to the job and constantly being on business trips..the younger bro; hafis is sort of a nerdy..doesnt talk much, rarely hangs out and prefer to stay indoor playing games..Nonik barely shares anything about her life with, yeah...she is very much lonely underneath that warm smile of hers..

the thing that i love the most about her is that she doesnt pick her friends..she wont judge people through attire and appearances..if she did, we wouldnt be friends at all..she is a good listener and gives great advises..she is always there for me regardless of time and place..that is the beauty of our friendship..i care for her a lot and she will always have a soft spot in me..thanx babe for always being there..


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