Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wishing upon a star ~ Cute baby for me

I’ve been receiving a vast of advises from people on “how do you want your baby to be cute?”..most of the advises came from Malay’s traditional believes..
1.       Drink a lot of soya bean during the 1st trimester or better through out your pregnancy
2.       Avoid consuming foods served or cooked with black ketchup
3.       Consume a lot of fruits such as dragon fruit, red apples, strawberries and passion fruit
4.       Passion fruit will make the baby’s lips naturally every bubble from it
5.       Be prudent with your eyes..avoid eye contact with accident images and deformed people
6.       Try your best to embrace cute baby photos constantly
These are only some small portion of the other old-timer-malay-sayings…but now, Im definitely trying my best on tips number 6 and I happened to be very fond of BABY SURI CRUISE..she is super adorable cute from being a toddler up until she is a pleasant little very certain everyone adores her..

Tak salah berdoa dan mencuba yang terbaik untuk anak kan… J  

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