Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Welcome Baby Golek ~ 19/04/2011

I had my first minor contraction on Monday April 18, 2011..mama already told me that the symptoms are excruciating pain at the waist and the bikini line tends to be harden..i really had no idea what was happening so I went to the kitchen looking for mama..after she responded what it seems to be, I returned to my room and texted Golek..while shedding tears for fear of the unknown, I was pondering “why on earth Golek did not replied my text??” one thing about us is that more often that not, we would replied each other’s text ASAP..
So yesterday was Tuesday April 20, 2011..i texted Golek at the office sharing my depression for the workload that I must finish before my maternity leave..and again, Golek did not replied..the day went by and I started to feel uneasy..after Maghrib prayer, I took the effort to text her mother; Auntie Yah “salam auntie..dah dua hari zamila tak reply msg ziadora…zamila dh bersalin ke auntie?? Die ok ke..?” and still no answer..suddenly, at 9.28pm, I received a call from “Zam Umi”..when I answer the call, apparently it was Golek and she said “Wantaaaaaan…aku dh bersalin….”
Subhanallah……..i could felt my heart stop beating for a while..

I screamed with excitement over the phone! We spoke for 21 minutes and Golek shared about everything..i did mentioned my disappointment for her not telling me when she was warded on Monday and she posted a photo of the hospital in FB..she knows very well that I don’t FB anymore since I got married in June 2010..having said all that, she responded “mak aku bgtau ko ader sms..nak ckp ape? Then aku ckp kat mak aku yg aku nak tepon ko sendiri lepas kuar operation theatre..ko org pertama aku call tau..”…it was definitely such a heartwarming feeling when your BFF passed a statement like that…
Here is her story..she texted me on Sunday nite that she has turned 36 weeks and her next c/up would be on Monday..during the c/up, apparently she has started to experience some she was detained by the doc and they opted to induce her..after inducing several times, her va-jay-jay refuses to open the hallway as it hasn’t matured the doc decided that Golek must undergo C-section was scheduled in the afternoon on Tuesday but she insisted that she wants her husband’s presence..the husband was struggling to catch a flight from Dubai and successfully arrived by her side at 4pm..the operation began at 6pm and there she was…a beautiful baby girl..

i woke up at 5.00 am today..i just cant sleep pondering and thinking about Golek..i texted her and thankfully she replied..she MMS her daughter’s adorable pleasant baby girl..Round chubby chunky features just like the mummy..well, all babies look the same..give them some time and eventually the features will begin to resemble the parents..i am so happy for, do you what this means to me…? Golek’s down, then kak za, then Mizah and eventually it will be my turn…

When she was pregnant
 Mudah-mudahan Allah permudahkan pengalaman aku nanti..  

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