Saturday, April 23, 2011

Program Pak Arab

Finally, 1 big portion of my project is settled..the project manager decided on Wednesday to hold a closing ceremony for the Arabs and the occasion would take place on Friday April 22, 2011..that means i am left with only 3 days of preparation..after putting much effort to complete piles of reports, now i have to deal with an event with very minimal time.

my colleagues at the offices were very very helpful..they helped me in anyway and kept joking about the fear of being a midwife..i am 34 weeks old by now and gained 22kg..i jotted down every task that is needed to be done and managed it one by one..hall reservation, caterer, hampers, certificates, attendances, souvenirs and managing the foods..i was extremely exhausted but i am the type of person who would be so immersed in my job..wouldnt rest until things are done..

so on Friday April 22, 2011 Proton held an assembly with the Managing Director for Quality has already been 1 week where i would wake up at 5.00 am and leave home for work at i did not had much trouble to arrive work early that day..the event started at 8.00 am and i stood for 1 hour..i finally found a spot to rest which was with the security guard at one of the entrances..nice chair accommodated with a fan..aaaaaaahh... then i was back on my feet for another hour..i did a lot of walking and many people approached me "dah berapa bulan nih?" i answered "9 bulan jer.." is funny to see the astonishment on those faces..but walking is good for me..there's a saying that helps the delivery process later..i completed every required task exactly by 4.00 pm.. and that was when the occasion was scheduled to commence..

at the end of the day, everything went well..of course there are some unnecessary nonsense but put that aside..i had fun and very glad that i did a good job..yes, i am accolading myself..

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