Sunday, April 24, 2011

Golek in Confinement

Saturday April 23, 2011

i woke up very late which was around afternoon due to my exhaustion handling the program pak arab. uncle din was working as usual (yes, he works on Saturdays) and we only make the effort to visit golek after Asar. i really prefer to settle my solat before going out because you'll never know whether you'll make it when you're out..

meet baby Golek.. :) she has no name yet as the parents are still indecisive..perhaps they have too many choices..


it was a good thing that i visited golek..apparently her sister has bought her an economical breast pump known as Spectra 3..for someone who can afford just about anything in life would buy Spectra 3, i asked her the reasoning behind the decision..her sister; Kak Za is also using the same breast pump so she bought one for golek..golek said that Spectra 3 does imitates a baby's suction and the latching is painless..Later that day baby Golek was admited at DEMC due to Jaundice..poor girl..

UV treatment to counter Jaundice
btw, Kak Za gave birth to her 2nd baby girl on Saturday April 23, 2011..just 4 days apart from Golek..can you imagine how excited and busy the grandparents are..??

Looking dapper in Umi Tok's self sewn kain bedung

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