Thursday, April 21, 2011

How to boost Breast Milk

Actually I was scouting for an affordable with good ROI BP but I found this instead..
1.       Why your B is not productive?
2.       How to increase the volume of milk
3.       Correct techniques to BF
Found all of these info from :-

*      Wrong technique applied. While BF, the areola wasn’t properly latched by the baby whereby the baby happens to sucked the tits only.
*      Wrong technique of pumping and squeezing the B.
*      Your BP has poor productivity. Opt for a good one even though it may cost you
*      Insufficient stimulation from the baby mostly because working mothers did not adhere to efficient schedule to pump the milk. It is advisable to pump every 4 hours and never skip any session.
*      Physically and mentally stress. Apparently, deviation to the mind and body does affect the productivity of the milk.
*      Insufficient sleep and rest. Ample rest makes the body healthier and soothes the mind.
*      Hormone imbalance and health issues such as fever, anemia, high BP and diabetes.
*      The consumption of “family-plan-pills” and medications those are not suitable.
*      Imbalance food consumption

*      Foods
*            Longyan  drink (air mata kucing)
*            Jantung pisang
*            Soya bean drink
*            White carrot, Sawi, Kailan, Bayam, Peria, Carrot
*            Kurma
*            Halba
*            Ulam pegaga
*            Pil Fenugreek
*            Pil ASI
*            Crab soup
*            Drink plenty of water
*            Water chestnut (sengkuang cina)
*            Lychee drink

*      Massage
*            Brush your B everyday using haircomb: selawat then brush the B to the tits, left and right
*            Clean the tits with a soft toothbrush to prevent blockage
*            Massage the B with selawat before begin pumping.
*            Massage your back and B.

*      Other alternatives
*            Recite Al-Quran-surah al Baqarah ayat 60 with your palm on your B.
*            Rub a small amount of coconut oil on daun sirih and swift over fire until it softens. Then place it at your B. Make it an everyday routine.
*            Place warm towels on your B.
*            Instill +ve mind and thoughts
*            Invest in good BP
*            Continual BF: demand vs supply
*            Minimize stress and be at peace
*            Pray and tawakkal


*      Firstly, identify whether the baby is positioned correctly. The baby must be close to our body in a straight posture. You may support your back and the baby with a pillow.
*      If you are lying sideways, assure the baby’s belly touches your stomach. Again, assure the baby’s posture is straight.
*      Our technique of introducing the tits is also very vital. Be sure the baby's mouth is wide open so you can place the nipple as far back into her mouth as possible. This position is best for avoiding breast soreness and will enable the baby to reach the ducts (source of milk). Never tilt over the baby. Instead, encourage her to reach for you.
*      If you sense some pinching sensation, then you are doing things wrongly. BF must be comfortable and painless. Look over the baby and observe her. The correct method will allow the baby to suck and swallow continuously.  


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