Thursday, April 21, 2011

Breast pump - indecisive

I was browsing the net to observe an affordable breast pump. I had an intention to buy Pureen or Anakku because it is very cheap..apparently, I read some comments in the net that economical breast pump does not last long and at the end of the day, some mothers have to buy a new one..the motor has high tendency to be broken and the outcome is not productive. Golek shared with me that her B is fully loaded and must be pumped for storage. She did not bought the BP earlier so after delivery, she asked her sister to buy the BP for I sought of learnt from that..that’s why I wanna equip myself in advance so that I wont have to ask the favor from uncle din..worst of all, I might detest his choice..
So far, these are what I am considering:-

Medela Swing RM 799.00
Spectra 3 RM 388.00

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