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JUNE 5th, 2010
Slept late last nite but woke up very early..ivana was already on her way when she called and I barely could open my outdoor photoshoot was scheduled 10.00 am at Bukit Cerakah Shah Alam.. my lenses were being such an irk that took me 45 minutes just to slip it the time we arrived at Bukit Cerakah, PHOTOLICIOUS has arrived and the sun was already high..but then again, we found a nice spot to capture the moments and wrap-up at 12.30pm..

There were definitely many people in the house. Neighbors came over to lend a hand, my aunties were sweeping the house, parents were busy entertaining guest, baba was busy with org khemah and caterer..i rested in the room and stared at all the dulang2 hantaran..9 trays in total..even though uncle din resorted with artificial flowers but they turn out to be very presentable and and gold..

Actually I was very cantankerous and upset with the pelamin..Butik Chanteq assembled the pelamin yesterday during mid-day at 12.30pm and the weather was damn hot..i settled with fresh flowers so how would fresh flowers survive that long?? They didn’t even soaked the sponge and told us to continually spray water…the description during discussion sounded very va-va vooom and i did expected more..when they assembled the pelamin, i did complained a lot bcoz i was very very aghast with the really looked very boxy, the polystyrene crafting & colours were not symmetrical, they did not gave me the cleopatra sofa as i wanted..and they got the guts to say that "this is what u ordered"....I don’t want to be bothered by this but it really REALLY made me mengamuk..luckily they did made an effort to buy a new cleopatra sofa...but then again, i hated my pelamin and no thanks to Kak Laili….
Melisa who also did the hantaran came to the rescue and assembled new set of flowers..i had to pay her extra rm1k just for the flowers..Kak Laili said that she’ll be using imported fresh my surprise, only 1/3 of them were imported while the rest were locals….i was really disgruntled…….anyhow, everything was sorted out by mama and she constantly keep asking me to calm down and rest in my room...i barely had enough sleep and rest..and i refuse to eat anything bcoz i wanna keep my tummy flat..

I made this myself

Baba scrutinize the high table arrangement and voila!

Thank you jiran2 and auntie yg membantu

Canopy transparent by Rio Events

Baba's arrangement..this was within the gate..

10 tents in total

Abg Su sponsored the life switching for guests outdoor
The groom was expected to arrive and stand-by at the Masjid At-Taqwa right after Maghrib prayer.. while waiting for them, I couldn’t stop taking shoots in the room..those who were early got the chance to meet me in my room and take photo with the bride..the funny thing was, I was definitely towering everyone else..once the groom arrived, we bersanding, merenjis and ate at the main table..thanx to baba, we had the best caterer that could ever be found..we had a butler! Normally the waiters would just leave you once you’re seated and expect you to reach the foods by yourselves..then we cut the wedding cake (which I felt totally cheated………..i hated the cake) and basically it was over………..the nite lasted with us taking photos with guests and thanking those who came..
Penat penat…but then again…once in a life time bebeh…

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