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JUNE 4th, 2010
Solemnization is made compulsory to all Muslims in building the mosque of matrimony and I am definitely not exceptional from it. The occasion is simple but the preparation is tedious and you must be mull about it. Uncle din and I went to Jabatan Agama Islam Sec.10, Shah Alam to settle all the forms and documents..marrying a kelantanese did not make things easier for me too..uncle din had to return to Kelantan to obtain Kelantan’s verification that he is a Kelantanese..little bit of advise: it is much easier if you are marrying someone from Selangor rather than other states..
I hired PHOTOLICIOUS as my official photographers and Shamnina Omar aka Kak Nina as my mak andam. Both came early and we had a lot of time for girlfriends arrived early too especially Nadia; the bridesmaid..while waiting for Maghrib prayer, we were shooting photos in the room and I just cant wait to get it over it..the occasion took place at Masjid At-Taqwa Subang girlfriends were there: Golek, Nonik, Nanok, Nadia, I sat down, once again I was clinging on to Golek.. I asked her to stay by my side and I kept holding her hand all the time…..i was very nervous..uncle din looked really calm and suci murni too…his face was soo clean (he shaved his moustache and little beard) that he look sooooooooo young! Aiyoyooo….i on the other hand looked very matured especially with the makeup on..what a contrast..

Shamnina Omar

Golek by my side

Most important moment of all

the gurls; nanok's fren, nonik, nanok, golek, nadiah and haslinda
Once the main agenda was done, we went back to my home which was only a few walks away..i managed to get some rest in my room with the gurls…it was very funny and lovely hanging out with them..this was the 1st time in my life I ever wore a contact lenses and I only practice for 2 while we were in the room, my eyes were very itchy and the lenses keep one point, I even said “haaa…baru clear..” but the gurls looked very stunned….apparently the one of the lenses slip out of proportion and went under my eyelid..Nanok help me to amend it and it became itchy again…
When everyone has arrived at the house, I was asked to get on the pelamin and sat on a huge pillow..uncle din and I exchanged rings, I kissed his hand, he kissed my forehead and pose pose pose…. Jelita came over a little late but better late than never…newly weds Kak Linni and Epul also made it for the nite..only my 2nd bro Zeffi came very late..he said Baby Lea was cranky and they couldn’t leave until she was settled..watevaaaaa….

Most importantly, I had a great time…1 down, 2 more to go…

My beloved brother; zamie


Jelita preggy at 3 months


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