Wednesday, March 30, 2011


MAY 1st, 2010
I couldn’t sleep the nite before as I was very anxious for the engagement ceremony. All these while I’ve been accompanying my friends but this time: it is my turn..i really couldn’t believed it. I went to Loreal Hair Saloon at Sec. 9 to groom my hair. My hair is sooo wayward so I wanted to look the time I reached home, Ivana was on her way and managed to arrive just at the nick of time..

Her makeup was very good..i was very surprise that she actually did a good job with me because in previous events, she always had trouble to makeover my face. Apparently she just couldn’t get it right with my features. I admit that my features are soo unlikely the Malay conventional features. But then again, everyone is beautiful in its own way as Allah has created..

Ivana Mas Ayu aka Uchu Mas
Ivana just finished helping me with the outfit when Golek said “wantan, it is time..” Subhanallah…. I went outside and was very damn nervous..all eyes were on I sat down, I gripped hold of Golek and asked her to stay by my side..that is what Golek is for after all..always there by my side..ALWAYS..
Later they asked me to sit on the couch and my future MIL sat beside me to slip on the ring.. speaking of the ring, it was personally picked by my see, my father is really one of a kind..he may be a Professor Dcotor by career but then again he is very avid when it comes to fashion, baking, cooking, home deco, self-grooming name it..he always have an analytical comment and idea..he would scrutinize everything upon the ring? Was his choice..

My late Tok Mucup + My  Father the Hero
Everything went smoothly, I did not ate even after the ceremony was over..jaga badan.. ;) we took photos and had a great day..later that nite, uncle din and I keep telling ourselves “tak percaya kita dah bertunang sayang……”

his vs mine - thanx Mell!
MIL wif baby Lea Arryanna; 3 months ++
Nonik + Golek
Uncle Din the shy guy
My Happy happy Face

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  1. uchu mas tu ivana from kajang ke? macam kenal...