Tuesday, March 29, 2011

V'day - chicken pox - Labour day


I remembered having dinner with Abg Ai 2 weeks before Valentine’s Day..at this moment, im  no longer referring him as Abg Ai but Uncle Din..we had dinner at section 7 after accompanying to Klinik Alam Medic Sec.7..he said he had some rashes and it was very itchy…while we were dining, I stared at the rashes and I noticed that it looks very odd and I asked “is that a chicken pox??” the next day he went to another clinic and was confirmed to have chicken pox!
How did he break the news to me? “ayang, im in the bus otw to Kelantan…I confirm ader chicken pox..” my goodness…..we were scheduled to be engaged in 2 weeks time on Valentine’s Day and he has chicken pox……he stayed in Kelantan for 10 days and did not want to cling on the phone for too long… upon his return, he did not want to meet me as he was embarrassed with the scars…but I insisted and thank God the scars weren’t bad at all….it did gave me the scare that his face might turn out to be hideous…im glad it wasn’t bad at all….
MAY 2010
My dad adjourned the engagement ceremony and we held it on 1st May instead…oh well…at least the flowers were cheaper…besides, I just love having fresh flower for the dulang2 hantaran…not into artificial flowers..
My dear pet sister Ivana aka Uchu Mas did the makeup..i looked pretty damn good..well, I don’t have an exotic look so looking pretty once in a while did make me feel good about myself..and oh..i made a promise to uncle din that the engagement would be the last day of being free hair..the next day I embark a journey as a Muslimah fulfilling her obligation to wear a veil / hijab…

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