Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1st step to a holy matrimony life

November 2009
This was the happiest month in my life..
1.       Two of my BFF; Golek and Nonik planned a surprise birthday party
2.       I resign from my post as a project engineer with Cobrain Holdings Sdn Bhd (a construction company)
3.       My father asked me to get married…
Abg Ai and I weren’t actually ready as we were not stabile yet…but then again, my dad does have a point...im not getting any younger at im at my right age..when I asked him “when do you plan to have the ceremony?” he said “by june 2010”……Subhanallah………im left with 6 months of preparation and tons of kilos to shed…..my father is a very conventional man..he wants to go thru all the conventional steps:- merisik è bertunang è nikah è sanding…….
So, Abg Ai’s family came over and merisik at my previous home (sec. 11, shah alam) by end of January 2010 and we got engaged by 01/05/2010..

My reaction afterwards

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