Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The end to a new beginning


i began my journey after SPM 2001 by registering to UiTM Sri Iskandar, Perak whereby i took Computer Science (CS 110)..i hated the course...i never wanted to do any CS or IT related subjects......i hated it... being the only daughter in the family does carry a lot of burden..my mother said she does not want her only daughter to be an electrical engineer just like my 2 elder brothers and my dad....but then again, i am daddy's girl after all.... ;)

after failing 2 subjects (C++ and accountancy) with a pointer of 2.93 / 4.00, my parents finally agreed to register me in electrical engineering UiTM Shah Alam....after 3 years of battling the course, i managed to graduate with 3.00 ++ and enabled myself to pursue a degree in the same field...

i began my degree immediately and decided to turn my life around..instead of being a book worm, i wanted more in life...i wanted to be someone...so, this is how it started......

1st day of registration, everyone was gathered at the main hall with the presence of Dean; Dr Yusof as our VIP...apparently, the lecturers knew me very well (because of my dad) so i was asked to host the occasion and be the emcee...and that was the beginning of everything in my life......after the occasion, a lecturer asked me a favour to represent my batch to be interviewed by the Board of Engineering Malaysia (BEM)...the interview was done with a group of 6 people representing each batch....that was when i met the president of IEEE UiTM Student Branch..

the point of telling all of these is that i ended up graduated with 3.00 ++ and was made an exemplar with an accolade from the faculty...but having said all that, one person was not impressed at all with me and was not bothered by all the accolades…Abg Ai…and why is that so? It is because he was absent during the orientation where I was the emcee and he couldn’t care less for me…and because of this, it triggered me to be friends with him….

Abg Ai aka Uncle Din

November 2008 was the month where I finally completed by my thesis and the end to a whole new beginning…..Abg Ai and I grew closed and we remained together until the very last day with UiTM…..

Our Convocation day

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