Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1st step to a new addiction

hello everyone..

all these while i was never bothered to create my own blog until recently when i am required to browse others, i started to realize the meaning of possessing one..people post interesting events in their life which makes me ponder; is my life interesting to be shared with others? which leads to; is anyone even bothered to care for my life..??

sounds fickle right? but then again, there is no harm in trying..i am definitely a mediocre pertaining to internet gadgets..just ample for me to survive but the de facto is i still have a lot to learn..

irrevocably, the existence of this blog is none other than to document special moments in my life regardless being straddle with an audience or not..i believe in the adherence..

may this blog be rife with beautiful events and manage to portray my avidness..


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