Saturday, April 02, 2011

Honeymooney - episode 1

1st honeymoon

i have the nicest colleague that anybody could have. they happened to collect some fund and sponsor a one nite stay at Cameron Highland. i truly forgotten the name of the hotel but it is the one that's right on top of Cameron.. this was actually our 1st trip to CH..none of us has ever been there before so we truly did enjoyed the stay.. not much to tell as there were many things to do anyway..just sight seeing and i did bought a lot of vegies..i love vegies..THANK YOU ENGINEERING PLANNING ;)

Dinner at the pasar mlm

Breakfast..he doesnt eat much

Breakfast..notice the amount of food? all were mine alone!

The fog was still around so it gave a glazy sense of photo

Just before checking out from the hotel

We had a stop at Cameron tea plantation

On the way home...

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