Monday, December 30, 2013

Xmas 2013


Every off day is deemed as fun day for me. Especially off days that took place in the middle of the week. I will not be enjoying the same off day like other Malaysians anymore commencing next year as my division will follow suit production's holidays. This also means that my holidays will no longer be in line with Uncle Din's. So when Xmas took place recently, we both decided to make full use of the opportunity of spending our off day together. What better plan could there be other than taking Piya out for a movie night?

Thankfully Disney releases its latest princess adventure movie called Frozen. Growing up reading Hans Christian Andersen stories collection, it was kinda difficult for me to assuage to the story line because it was totally the opposite of Snow Queen. In the originals, the story orbits on the affiliation between Kai & Gerda. It is known to be the longest and tensed story book ever written by H. C. Andersen. To summarize the story, Kai and Gerda are very close until one day a splinter from a troll-mirror (a mirror that only reflects the bad aspect of people) changes Kai to become callous and bitter especially towards Gerda. Later on, as Kai was playing by the lake, he was approached by the Snow Queen. He then followed her back to her kingdom in the North Pole. As you may have guess, by the power of true love, Gerda traces his trail and wins him once again leaving the Snow Queen behind. 

H.C. Anderson version that I watched when I was little. Source from Wikipedia.
 Unlike the originals, Frozen is more happy, pleasant and fickle with happy inklings. Besides, it is Disney after all right? That is their forte. Even though we live nearby to Citta Mall, we never step a foot at MBO cinema. We were lucky that we were in time purchasing tickets online hence reducing the rigmarole chagrin of waiting in line purchasing tickets. We bought a couple seat at the cost of RM30 and Piya is still considered FOC. Our movie started at 8.45pm and finished timely around 10.15pm. One thing I love about Citta Mall is the space. The space is very handy when you are handling a child who loves to run around up and down driving you mad. So yeaaaah, I love Citta Mall for that particular reason. 

 On Xmas day, Uncle Din wanted to stay put so we didn't get to join any crowds at nearby shopping complex. The only fun thing that we did was claiming a voucher at Gastro Cafe SS15 Subang Jaya. It is a Hainanese restaurant hence I find the repertoire quite peculiar. No, I'm not familiar with Hainanese foods. 

I bought the voucher online at a reasonable price which consist of 1 chicken chop (3 flavors), 1 nasi lemak (5 sidelines), 2 drinks & 2 desserts. At a normal rate, the nasi lemak would cost RM8.90 while the chicken chop would be RM13.90 (if I'm not mistaken). I tried to order something else too but none was appealing.

 The food was quite OK-lah. The chicken chop was a surprise as it tasted like deep fried chicken fillet and then you just pour over a sweat sour sauce on top of it. Not my kinda thing.The restaurant is very spacious as it consumes 2 lots. I like the simple interior decor with soothing ambient. Or maybe it was due to public holiday hence no one came.

Piya was in no mood of any selfie. I begin to wonder if she is picking up the gesture from Uncle Din.


 Still xmo layan mama.... (-___-)'
I tried to coax Uncle Din to detour to Empire Shopping Mall or even Subang Parade but naaaaah, he didn't give in. But I did managed to entice him to stop over at Rojak Mamak SS15 Subang Jaya for vadey...! I love vadey man..... Awesome Indian doughnut.

Apparently I had posted an entry on Xmas day sometime in 2011. Here's some photos of how we looked like 2 years ago. With that, thank you for reading people...

Xmas 2011

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