Monday, December 16, 2013

My lovely weekend


Laid back weekend => my kind of thing. I'm adjusting my schedule to spend more time with Piya and cook for my family more often. Things are getting pretty pricey these days but as a working mom with a side job, I just don't have the strength to serve home cook meals. Guess I really must adjust things huh. Syukur Alhamdulillah my schedule was clear last weekend and I was practically crossing my fingers not to have impromptu photo shoots. Don't get me wrong I love my side job but I would prefer to have them well planned rather than shoots that are spur of the moment. So having said that, Uncle Din and I agreed to take Piya to Taman Tasik Shah Alam for the very 1st time.

Sedih kan? This place is my home town and only now I brought my daughter here? Returning to this lake brought back a lot of memories. Some are nice to reminisce about while others are still consuming effort to be forgotten. I used to live in Sec.11 Shah Alam for more than 20 years upon returning from Canterbury, UK. Sec. 11 is located strategically adjacent to the lake hence I have countless memories of walking around this lake. As a matter of fact, both of my schools SRK Raja Muda Sec.4 and SMKSSAAS Sec.2 are also neighboring the lake. To add more load on the wagon, actually I had my Diploma & Degree from UiTM Shah Alam which also is a shy away from the lake. Yes, I'm a boring person... I know... 

Uncle Din did oppressed me to take them here but then again it is not easy for me to do so as I refuse to hark back to some painful memories......By letting my hair down, I finally deflect my issues and plow through Saturday morning with my family at the lake. I've done my do and I can't unwrap my past. So off went and some how or rather something helped to eradicate my emotions that morning....

This. Her palpable joy when we arrived at the play ground. Her buoyant trails were totally breathtaking and luminous. Uncle Din was excited too as according to him, it has been ages since he last step a foot here. As any other play grounds, Piya ran all over the place with us taking turns carrying the backpack or chasing after her. Phew.... 

and later



 I extended my laid back weekend until Sunday and filled them with home cooked meals. For some, home cooked meals are like blaaaaaah, what's the big deal? For me it is like OMG! I just cooked this or that! Hahahahaaa... pathetic...

 Uncle Din and I agreed that we would do this more often for Piya's sake. She's one tough cookie and we must allow her to belabor on that. What can I say? My daughter is very energetic while the parents are compromising with age..... As for my cooking, will definitely work on that section... I need to thank the mom's supporting group at my work place. They are so diligent in the kitchen that kinda make me feel bad for myself as I'm nothing on par with them. Anyhoo, they are such inspiring ladies who deserve a standing ovation..

Until then, thank you for reading yea

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