Friday, July 12, 2013

Best posture and Shape with Premium Beautiful

Ugly truth about modeling; you are either naturally born without the burden of carrying excessive flesh or you work your ass off to earn a lean body. I am definitely not categorized in the 1st option hence working out has to be my best option. I have been relying on my Premium Beautiful in sustaining my weight and shape but man, being a model means underweight is spelled perfect while normal is perceived plus size. I have also been correcting so many people especially my clients; Premium Beautiful does not make you slim shady like Gisele; on the contrary, it helps you to accentuate your figure. Bagi shape laaaa senang kata.... So to think that I could rely on PB for my photos is utterly a big mistake.

 I must admit that I have been exercising for a better tone body. Not quite there yet but will be InshaAllah. Even though I exercise, calorie counting and eat better, I can't seem to part ways from my PB becauuuuuse it builds confidence. For instance; I do notice some ladies in my aerobic classes that are quite ok but it could have been better. They're not fat, they have the right figure but bersepah.. Paham ke? Premium Beautiful kemaskan badan you w/pon you kurus kering sebab the corset helps to keep the girls in place and hide unwelcome fat out of radar. Posture pon jadi cantik daaaaaan you rasa lagi confident.. I want the best posture..

I am still continuing my regime but I must say, wearing PB is still my best option for best posture and figure. Especially during my photo shoots; it just builds. Bear in mind ladies; PB bukan untuk kurus, tapi untuk shape dan kemaskan badan.

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