Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Wedding + Photoshoot

Uncle Din and I met during our 3rd semester degree Electrical Engineering in UiTM (sem 5) and we were classmates. So being classmates, we shared a lot of mutual frens. Most of his frens doesn’t like me and that feeling is vice versa. I have little tolerance with nonsense but having said that, we do have common alike on some of ‘our’ frens… Whatever….. So recently a friend of his just tied the not. Well, actually he is my friend too waaaay back since Diploma in 2002 but as I said, not everybody is agreeable to my eyes. This dude is close to Uncle Din and he did made an effort attending our wedding in 2010. While Uncle Din was looking forward to the reception, I on the other hand regarded the attempt as membalas budi… Enough said..

I had mixed feeling attending the reception. You see, since the dude is a friend since Diploma, hence you may expect to meet many other Diploma buddies. And to be frank with you, my Diploma years were not the best time in life. I prefer my Degree years as I met Uncle Din and I was more sober. I was terribly nervous on our way to the reception. I don’t know whether these people would still dislike me or forgotten about me or what…. I hate this kind of uncertainty. As we arrived in the ballroom, I could already glance familiar faces across the room; my Diploma friends…. Uuuurgggh…. Looking at them totally made me reminisce terrible moments; dispute over assignments, all the hear says I heard about my attire & attitude (as if they were that great), the breakups and other stupid fights…. I just don’t like my Diploma years and I hate going down the memory lane having flashbacks. 

But, having said that, there was one face that warms the heart; my kizzez… His name is Ahmad Khiz but I called him Kizzez. He sat behind me the entire semester in Diploma part 1 year 2002 and he was never mean to me unlike the other boys. We did a final year project together pertaining to business and I was his boss. Hahaa! He was among the few who were bothered to say Hi to me at the reception. It was really good to meet him. I don’t have any problems with girls (well, only a few but they were not present) so I spent the entire time with people whom I cosset only. 

Congratz Sallehudin Sani
Kizzez and his lady friend :)
Uncle Wuz yg scary
These are my Degree Friends
 My friends from Diploma and Degree... I didn't take any photos with the ones I dislike..

The girls kept gazing at my face as they said I look different. I think I notice the difference especially my skin tone and my secret is simple; I drink BBplus Collagen everyday. Being a mother approaching 30, I think it is fundamental to pamper the skin. If I can invest in technologies which not healthy by the way (radiation remember?), then I should be able to invest in a healthy skin and body. 

We had to cut short the gathering as I need to rush for a photo shoot with GetGorgeous boutique that evening. And that is a different story than this entry. 

Photo shoot Fional Shawl from GetGorgeous Boutique

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