Friday, February 15, 2013

Opt to Change



Today’s narration may appear a bit tiresome to you but it is from the bottom of my heart. I thank you in advance if you are willing to endure this epistle of faith from me.

Life is strange. That is how I perceive it. Sometimes you feel that you have done so much and yet it is never sufficient. Deep down inside, you still sense that inkling void; absentmindedly. You can’t perceive this uncertainty and yet you can neither escape from it too. Things are becoming more and more akin to regime. You do question yourself “Why do I keep doing the same thing everyday? Will things fall apart if I beg to differ from this ritual? How come my life is narrated in such a melody?”. Everything surrounding you teeters in iambic. You accept things the way they are without understanding it properly and put the burden on fate as if you have no other options.

Everything happens for a reason.

I wouldn’t say that my life was dull and plain prior to embracing Premium Beautiful Biz. I would rather say that my life was simple. Clock-in, Clock-out, prepare dinner, change diapers, put baby to bed and watch TV with husband. Simple. Sounds apt right? But…. Was it enough? Islam teaches us to be grateful at all times. But how grateful are you to achieve happiness? Perhaps the question is; what is happiness? When opportunities walk passes by you, did you recognize them or you were in denial? Did you choose to close one eye and just accept things the way they are? And again; blame fate.

If only I was born rich and privilege, my life would be so comfy by now

If only I married a rich husband, I could quit my job by now

If only I have a great job with big bucks, I could embrace financial freedom

If only…….

 I used to perceive my life in such a way. Putting the blame on fate and just accept things the way they are. The worst part was I was complaining and I never did anything about it. I just endure life day by day and putting blame on my fate; my terrible fate. After giving birth, Piya refuses to latch so I can only breastfeed her by bottle which also means I don’t get that privilege to burn 500cal per latch when a baby is on you. I remain fat and unhappy. Money was becoming more concerning and my husband just keeps quiet. I was very unhappy…….

On one fine day, I stumble upon an old friend; Kak Hanim. She is one of the top leading leaders in ATM 181. Out of nowhere I shared with her my suffering of having an evenly spread body with fat which is demotivating. And there it was; the opportunity to change life. Should I decline changes and remain the same or should I give it chance and see what may come?

ALLAH SWT will open doors of sustenance when you give it a try and work for it

I bought Premium Beautiful and eventually joined the lucrative biz. I began to purchase other beauty and health products. Ideas keep rolling in on improving my biz and diversify the marketing strategy. i began to take risks and accepts challenges. Eventually, I have reached this part of life call HAPPINESS.

Today, I have a lot of other things to look forward too. When you give yourself a chance to change towards His path, believe me, things get prettier and better. I have a business, I am making a lot of friends, I have a lot of extra activities, I am beginning to receive a different side of career opportunity and most importantly, I am becoming more and happier with my husband. He’s a good man but he has to put up with my mood swing when I’m unhappy. I get to fill a lot of deprivation and escalate beauty in ways I’ve never think off.

The key to happiness is to accept changes

Things happen for a reason; keep your mind open and try to accept changes. Don’t remain put. Work your ass off and enjoy the fruit of labor later.

Thank you for reading this.......

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