Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rasamas di hujung minggu

I love weekends… Don’t you? Usually I rather not take any appointments on weekends because I prefer to spend it with my family. I kinda disagree with the notion of working your ass-off and leave your family behind thing. No, No, No…  I beg to differ.. Yes Piya is only 1yr plus but children can understand our absence. They appreciate our presence and that my friend is priceless. I prefer to have my nights fully booked with appointments so that I could play with Piya on weekends. So what would I do on a casual weekend to unwind? Simple; whither to Giant would do for us. Yeap, we are cheap to maintain.

Palpable happiness
My parents’ house is actually pretty near to Damansara and believe it or not we never step one foot to Giant Kota Damansara.. So pathetic, I know…. Since we grew out of boredom going to and fro to Giant Sec. 13 Shah Alam, we thought to detour to Giant Kota Damansara instead. And what would you know; the place has Rasamas & Wendy’s…. Yeaaaaaa… Took me a while to persuade Ayah to dine at Rasamas but apparently the restaurant was empty so we felt pity. Rasamas it is!

The advertisement looks appealing but the actual serving was a different story. We were like “Whaaaat? Takpe laaa… makan jer laaa… “. The chicken was good (c’mon… Ayamas kot…) but the complimentary side dishes were plainly mediocre. The worst part was we were initially tempted by the ice-cream that led us to order this set but apparently they were out of ice-cream and the fella didn’t have the courtesy to inform us….. They replaced the ice-cream with mango pudding poured with condensed milk.. (Again... whaaat??).

Tak sama kan? Sabor jer laa.. Sib baik Piya suka makan mango pudding tuh and kedai tuh bg Piya belon so we left with a sweet after taste after all.

I seriously don’t know how parents with 4 or 6 kids handle theirs because Uncle Din and I are struggling with Piya’s perennial ‘excitement’ (people say it is not nice to call your kids hyper.. so they say.. ). She detests sitting neither in the stroller or the trolley. She wants to walk freely without holding our hands and that is nonsense. The pic below is her struggling to get rid of Ayah and wants to run all over the place... Pfffft....

By the end of the day upon reaching home, Uncle Din asked me this (again) “How many children did you say you wanna have? Hmmmmm…?”.. Yea yea I know; I said 6…. Hehehehee… Apa yang penting, I dapat pow kasut baru from Ayah..! Now that is true happiness..!

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