Friday, November 30, 2012

Piya is 1.5 yr old

November 2012 marks Piya’s 1.5 year existence in our lives. Wow… My baby girl has grown into a cheeky toddler. Yes, she does test my patience EVERYDAY but she’s also the reason why I can endure pain, fatigue, frustration & reconcile downfall. I’m grateful that I am given the opportunity to watch her grow and prosper into a big girl. Even though my perennial wish to be a housewife is yet to be achieved, I’m happy that I still got the chance to care for her in the best way that I can afford especially when I have that extra ringgit from my biz to provide her. Syukur Alhamdulillah.

Her teeth are almost complete and with that we need to compromise with her drooling saliva due to teething. Most importantly she never experienced any fever due to teething, just some crankiness traits at certain times. Apart from that, she is sleeping lesser now. Wakes up at 7.00am and takes afternoon nap at 12.00pm. Her next beauty sleep used to be 8pm but now it has extended to 10pm. OMG….

If that isn’t bad enough, Uncle Din asked me to put Piya to bed prior to attend my appointments. Hence I guess you can imagine how I had to chase her around the room (sometimes around the house) just to place her on bed. Oh my….. I look like a mad person chasing after her “Piyaaaaa! Sini…! Siniiiii…!” and she’ll be like running away “shhhinni… shhhinni”. She can even mimic my speech now.

I truly believe that Piya is cooking on gas with her milestone. I’m so happy for that. Nowadays, she is soo perasan she is a big girl that she wants to do things on her own; bathing, feeding and even writing. She detests to be fed but if I just give her the spoon, she will hold the bowl or plate firmly on her lap, and began feeding herself. Ayah was like “anak ayah berdikari yer… bagus2…” but I was like “Piyaaaa noooooo! Tumpaaah…! Careful..! Jangan campak…! Habes laaaa Mama nak kutip makanan atas lantai nih…!”…. Urrrgh… Men… Not bothered to see the details… They are like two peas in a pod so he is not easily annoyed by Piya’s mess.

Piya can actually run now. She likes that. She likes to run around places maybe because of the sense of wind against her chubby cheeks.. It’s getting harder to keep her in the stroller these days because she terribly wants to walk. But by allowing her to do so, I’ll be schiz out in no time! Her vocabs are impressive these days. She can digest a lot of word at a time even if she barely understands it. Most importantly, she can now communicate and tell us when she wants milk, sitting down, when she’s cold and request for a glass of water.

Alhamdulillah we flounder through parenting even when our knowledge is neither full nor half of that about raising kids.

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