Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Be Strong - Gold Caprice from Taipan

Strong heart…

I love reading Maria Elena’s blog. The gist of her blog is mainly about Islam, sometimes Al-Quran’s translation, Islamic virtues and even personal things in life. Just like many other blogs. But what usually draw my attention to visit her blog would be the times when she shares views in Islam, belief and faith.

Of recent late, she shared about being strong; she quotes “a strong person is a person with a strong heart”. I concur with that notion. Upon reading the entire entry, I began to ponder; every time when I read a piece of article on this ethos, why does it sound so effortless? It sounded so well construed. If it is so, why do I find this stoic to be slightly obfuscation to begin with?

It’s hard to be strong. I admit that. That’s why I find it rather fascinating how adults could exude a happy face when in de facto they have 1,001 issues at the back of their mind. “Every issue has its way out” I said to myself; every issue. I have been in some limbo state of mind lately and thanks to my biz, I get to divert my attention to something more constructive. Issues happened when you cosset people & rapports but it appears that you have been in that boat all alone by yourself. The notion is not likewise and that hurts.

Apart from that, prior to venture in this PB biz, believe me, I have so many things in my mind that I barely smile. I barely felt happy. I fell into a sag state of mind due to frugal balancing. Money is not everything (they say) but everything needs money (I say) so how? Rapport and money have always been tough to balance.

Recently, I just attended the company’s 20th anniversary and I was taken back by one particular CDM’s speech. She shared her life preceding the business; a History teacher with no high qualification. She was just a simple teacher with big dreams. Money according to her was always and will always be an issue in marital affair as money is essential these days. And her concern with money has taken away the harmony of her relationship with her husband. Having a husband who felt ‘comfortable’ with his current job, he made no effort to make a change and to dream big. And all this while the wife has a lot of dreams to achieve especially when it is pertaining to her family. She felt alone and in exasperation. That’s when she found PB biz and never looks back.As of date, she is one of the multimillionaires in Malaysia.

While listening to her constructive speech, I was overwhelmed to know that I’m not the only person to have life issues. In fact, I should be grateful with the life that I had. But how can I be grateful when my heart is not strong? So yeaaaah.. I joined the motivational classes organized by ATM 181. Much to my surprise, it’s not hard to be happy and inculcate strong will to develop a strong heart. 

I’ve learned from Taipan that you must correct your intentions. Set the nawaitu correctly and be tawadhu’ at all times. Taipan helped me to have a stronger heart as life in the biz lane is not always perky and pretty. Taipan taught me that we must always have a big heart and be a giver because that’s were true happiness lies. The hand that gives is better that the hand that receives. By God’s grace, the love and kindness will be returned in many forms. 

Embrace challenges positively even if it means walking alone down that tunnel
With that, aim high and target to achieve more in life. Not because you want to live life in fabulousity, remember; keep your nawaitu in the right track. You must target to achieve more because when you are damn rich, you have the ability to realize other people’s dream.You have the ability to help your family out of debt. Financial freedom should be shared. 

When you have a big heart, you help others effortlessly.  When your heart is strong, you can face disappointments from human relations and just continue rowing that boat even if you are alone. Continue with the perennial love even if it doesn't matter to them because it matters to you.

Yours truly,

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