Saturday, November 24, 2012

Jom tengok Shila Amzah perform for FREE!

Assalamualaikum & Good day,

Another private event is just around the corner. And it is the cream of the crop around the calendar. Not only we will celebrate new CDMs but also 2012 shall be our company’s 20th anniversary. Rather than having the venue in KL, this year the event will take place at 


Rugi weyh kalu orang Shah Alam tak gi…. Dekat giler kot..

Event ape nih? Event ini ibarat kami punya Anugerah Skrin, Juara Lagu etc di mana semua akan glamour2 ok... Dan event ini sebenarnyer meraikan mereka2 yang cemerlang terbilang gemilang.

My senior partners
 Artis gilang gemilang terbilang untuk private event tahun ini adalah…. 

  (Of course yang terbaik jer..)

Nak lagi?

In conjunction with our 20th anniversary, the GRAND PRIZE for the lucky draw shall be

PROTON PREVE ≥ RM60,000.00
(Engine turbo CFE, Transmission MT / CVT)

Ader lagi…. Ader…. Jaaaaaaaap...

This is strictly a private event ok… So kalu nak masuk kena ader ticket. No ticket no entry.

But…… di mana ader kemahuan, di situ ader highway..

1. Get your PB from me this month to get free 1 pass

2. Be the top 5 people to pm / whatsapp me for free tickets.

DORA : 012-2920150 /  


  1. hai...first time here..

    saja google pasal pb..

    sangkut kat sini..


    nice blog..



  2. hye hidayah,

    tq sayang... tersangkut eh? continue to sangkut k? thanx dearie!