Monday, November 26, 2012

Hai-O Anniversary Shila Amzah & Dayang Nurfaizah

Assalamualaikum & Good day,

Waaaaaaaaaa... Thousand apologies for the long hiatus peeps. My colleague is currently on her wedding mode hence I am in charge to keep things intact around here. Sounds like an important person huh? Nooooot! *eyes rolling~

So as you may know (or you don't know at all) last Saturday was our 20th Annual Event and crowning the highest notch in our echelon; Crown Diamond Manager (CDM). 20 solid years in the market baby! Can you imagine that? This company is solid like a rock dude. And that my dear, is damn vital if you intend to venture in any biz. Invest with solid, firm & strong company. The event took place at Stadium Melawati Sec. 13 Shah Alam. It's the same place where Akademi Fantasia used to take place. (i miss AF)..

Prior to that, we doll up at my mentor's house located at Denai Alam. My pet sister Ivana Mas Ayu was given the honors (cheeeewah) to be our so called Picasso and turn us into the graceful Mona Lisa. And voila! Look at us ok.. GetGorgeous gituh... Konon nak pakai heels nih haaa... Last2 pakai flats renda2 sebab nak selesa..

 I hitched a ride with Kak Ana in her amazing Mercedes and got a parking spot in the shady CDMs parking lot. Oh my. The event totally blew my mind away. Everyone and I mean every freaking person was cladding in ornate dresses! I on the other hand was recycling my wardrobe (sediiih *sob sob). I really felt as if I was in presence for Anugerah Skrin or Juara Lagu whatnot. 

Shila Amzah was amazing! Mcm nak pengsan dengar suara Shila......... Die siap nyanyi lagu Cina yang die menang kat Asian Wave tuh... Woooooow.. And Dayang was mesmerizing!! Preceding this event, I was never a fan of Dayang's work but I think I beg to differ now. She's awesome!! This dude was so lucky to dance on stage with Dayang. He even gave Dayang the award for Anugerah Penyanyi Paling Hebat.. Funny....

Besides watching 35 hardworking entrepreneurs on stage receiving their awards, the cream of the crop would definitely be the lucky draws. But I wasn't lucky.... and I had 4 tickets in my hand... Damn.. They gave away 60 presents and bukan calang2 oooo.... Smart tag with Touch&Go, 1 set Premium Beautiful, 1 BioAura, 1 Bio Food Purifier Zone, ! Velocity Mate, Petronas voucher RM150 and so much more. But the true lucky ones were definitely these people.... Who would have thought that coming to an event with zero expectation and you return home with a Preve? REzeki....

Haaaaa... ini dif-dif kehormat yang hadir.... I can only recognize Ismail Sabri and his brother Kamaruzaman. En. Zaman ni was my former boss from Cobrain Holdings S/B. And apparently he is friends with Baba from previous project. So senang sikit laaaa i nak bergambar dengan die.....

So last sekali, camwhore...... ngeeeeee.....

 I am very happy and bliss to be apart of Akademi Taipan Malaysia (ATM) 181 under the wings of CDM Kartini + CDM Kamaruddin. Never in my life I imagined I would be in such vicinity.. No one can shape your future but you. The future is uncertain, but rather than waiting for the future to come, it would be better to shape & mold them. No?

 Thank you for reading this. Yours truly.


  1. wowww...dora sangat vogue...cantikkks

  2. Sume warga Taipan vogue2 and gorgeous... Simpan untuk masa2 terhangat jer...