Thursday, October 11, 2012

My Burgundy Luggage

Assalamu Alaykum & good day people,

I’m feeling rather anxious actually. Anticipated in response with our Bonus Day which occurs between 10 ~ 12th day of the month. Last month has been really hectic & chaotic whereby my schedule was totally packed and filled with customer’s appointments. Everyday including weekends and Friday’s lunch break. But I love this new ‘over-time’ regime; I feel more energetic and content. I feel that my life has a better cause these days. Some even asked me how I manage my routine as my daughter is only 1yr old ++. Others even ponder whether Uncle Din is bothered with my new ‘Over-time’ job. 

Well, here is my weekdays routine peeps:

6:00 – Fetch Piya from Cik D
6:30 – Cook dinner for Piya
7:00 – Bathe, play and exercise with Piya
8:00 – Room declutter with Piya
8: 30 – And I’m off for an appointment
11:00 – Honey! I’m hooooome!

Sounds tiring don’t you think? But I prefer to lean on this option as I feel healthier & surreal. Things tend to be more organized when I’m busy as my mind is always working. Strategizing my options and weighing judgments are never far from one’s mind. My mom always say this to me “Kita kalau buat malas, memang laaaa badan akan malas. So jangan laaaaa malas-malas!” Haaaaaa amek kau……. Mak aku rock star babe… Cakap direct setepek kat muka…. Esp bila soh lipat kain or buang sampah…. Uih malas betol…

On one fine day, Kak Hanim and I finished all our appointments quite early than usual so we went to Subang Parade to get me my own luggage. So what’s the deal with the luggage? Well, for 2 palpable reasons of course:-

1. I will need a luggage either way for our future FOC oversea holiday trip
2. Kak Hanim is releasing me like a bird to manage my own appointments. Fly little bird~

Much to our surprise, it was truly a great coincidence when the LG floor was occupied by Travel’s promotion sale. I was only looking around when suddenly I saw this; a SUPER LIGHT luggage that looks sooooo adorable. And it is burgundy! Who wouldn't want a burgundy bag? 

United Colors of Benetton Super Light Hard Case Luggage - Burgundy
It was so light that I can even hold it up like Thundercat (ok laaa I’m exaggerating). But I’m not kidding; it is super light!

The luggage will be used to carry all my PB stock upon attending customer’s fitting trial. This is not superfluous & I’m not being peerage….. But consider this: Takkan laaa I nak carry all the PB’s guna byk2 plastic… Or takkan laaa nak tinggal barang dalam kereta? Kalau rumah die apmt? Nak saya naik turun lift? Or takkan nak bwk sikit2 jer… kalau2 xde size? Kena patah balik kereta….. MANAGEMENT ok…. Lagipon beg nih cantik….. (Sounds like the apparent reason behind all these so-called common sense huh?)

Tetiber ader option lagi satu; ELLE faux leather luggage... Hmmmm...

It was big sale tau… From RM700++ the luggage was discounted to RM237 only. Brand? Coach? I wish…. I bought United Colors of Benetton instead. Then to comprehend the luggage, I must have a hand carry bag to place all my tools; membership form, bank forms, plain papers, other papers whatnot. And it is purple..... Sale 70% discount and in the end it became RM80 only.. Voila! Abes duit dalam sehari beli beg-beg baru....

And now I can be an independent authorized dealer. Trot with my own burgundy luggage. Don’t I look superb? Right? Right?
Hye! I'm Dora. Not the explorer as I don't have a monkey.
Well…. Except for the Bubble Tea of course.. Or the slippers…. Or even the messy hijab… Or not……. At all….Dang….. I look like Barney.......

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