Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Esok balik Kelantan

Today will be my last day at work prior to head off for holiday mode. One of my custom regime before balik kampung would be taking Piya to see the doctor at Klinik Alam Medic Bukit Jelutong; this is to gain some insight whether she is in good condition to travel & request for medicines to counter illness such as flue, fever, cough & phlegm. The doctors here are very good. More often than not, they would give valuable advises too even though Piya is in great shape. Well, there is nothing wrong in being prudent & cautious right?

Another compulsory regime would be packing 2 days ahead before heating the engine. And oh my; this is definitely the dreadful part. I just happened to realize that Piya has tons of dresses! Our luggage is 60% filled with her clothing only. Uncle Din and I had to squeeze ours as much as we can. The reason being is we want to reduce the number of luggage’s and try lighter travelling. Penat laaaa bila beg byk sgt….. The tendency to accidentally leave any bags behind is also higher. Uncle Din was laughing at me this morning as I woke up for sahur mainly because apparently I doze off in a pile of clothes while folding his Baju Melayu. 

I just need to finalize a little bit more especially the hand carry bag that will be by our side in the car. Just imagine this; we’ll be traveling for 10 hours and I am totally relying on this hand carry bag to change Piya’s nappy, to feed her, to play with her, keep her warm and even to bathe her when we stop for a break. Leceh nak korek2 hood belakang tuh…

I've service the car on Monday which cost me RM400 ooooo.... Major service they said... Damn.... Fill the tank at full blast & top-up my Touch & Go card as well... Isi angin kereta.... check spare tayar..... 

I’m crossing my fingers that Piya would doze off early tonight. We intend to sleep promptly after Isya’ and get on the road by 4.00 am. Am I excited about the whole thing? Frankly speaking I am not quite sure. I am not being fickle minded but I know what to expect for this holiday and I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be unnecessary scenes making my gorge rise. More often not, I would normally opt to leave things well enough alone. I have my own siege of mentality so I might just hoe my own row.

And oh! Check out my angpow envelopes for this raya! Hahaaaa…. I love collecting kaleidoscope envelopes because usually I would color code my angpows. Easier to recall by the way.

Until my next post from Kampung, I would like to wish you Selamat Hari Raya… Maaf Zahir & Batin.

p/s: Yesterday’s sermon was about ‘Andai ini Ramadhan terakhir bagi ku’ by Imam Besar Masjid Negara. Aidilfitri means kembali ke fitrah…. In this regard, sambut laaa raya berpada2 kerana Hari Raya cuma sehari… Kita dah meninggalkan Ramadhan maka jalani laa kehidupan seperti biasa…. Barangkali lebih baik…


  1. dearest sis, dont worry.. we gonna have fun for Hari Raya in Kelantan k..

    by the way.. give me a hint.. which colour code have the biggest value.. hahaha.. 3 org tau.. 3 org! (CikSu KAYA!!!)

  2. waaaaaaaaaahahhaaaa...mummy dh bg reminder anak die 3 org...! tak decide lagi nih angpow mana RM20, RM15, RM10, RM5 & RM2.. tapi agak2 ceria envelope tuh besar laa skit kot....