Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Eid preparation 2012

Of recent late I just love listening to Hot.fm while driving on my way to Proton. Well sometimes I would shuffle the channel to IKIM.fm or Fly.fm but during Ramadhan i just had the inkling feeling inclining towards Hot.fm. So I just noticed today that Eid is just a shy of 5 days away when the radio announcer said “Lagi 5 hari kita nak sambut raya! Bagaimana dengan persediaan anda?”. Upon hearing this question it kind of made me ponder of my preparation this year.

The beauty or custom of Eid celebration would be none other than deciding on a mutual theme for the family to exhibit on the beautiful day. Last year we went for red so this year we agreed upon EMERALD GREEEEEEN. Well actually it was my sole decision hence Uncle Din has to agree with it. I was inspired by Jolie’s garb on the red carpet and I notice her further anticipation with the color.

Then I did some google where I was made known that Emerald Green is a timeless color. 

Irrefutably I am all giddy up for Eid’s advent this year due to the fact that Piya will be 15 months old and she can (I reckon) embrace the caprice of us celebrating Hari Raya. She was so small the last time we encounter Eid was last year and Alhamdulillah Allah SWT blessed us to gather for another Eid this year. InsyaAllah. Due to my excitement, I unintentionally bought 3 dresses & 2 baju kurung for her. More baju kurung are coming from Kelantan though. *sigh. I think it would be kinda funny to see her cladding in baju kurung.

Eid 2011 : Piya @ 3 months old
My preparation begs to differ this year. Alhamdulillah due to the over abundance sustenance from Allah SWT via my PB biz, I have ample duit raya to share with my family. A lucrative income twice my salary pay is not normal for me. It is rahmat and berkat from Allah SWT. Furthermore a token of gratitude must be conveyed to Proton for giving us a bonus albeit mere pittance. Any amount of money is a good amount yea? Hereinafter, I sort of spoiled myself with 4 new garbs; 1 baju kurung from Ashanim Dress Lab, 1 peplum silver baju kurung from Giant (forgotten the vendor’s name), 1 caftan of Redzuan Radzwil bought from FashionValet.net & 1 kaleidoscope caftan top from FashionValet.net too. Not to mention new hijabs too. 

Uncle Din on the other hand bought his Baju Melayu from Jakel with a compliment of Free Sampin. Jakel does offer crazy Raya sales and in lieu of this I bought 3 Baju Kurung for Mama. And I almost fainted when the lady swipe my credit card “RM450 kak”. *Pengsan~

Other preparations would be none other than giving the elders some pocket money. This happened to be among the reasons why I opted to join PB biz. I can only provide more to my love ones w/o extreme oppression when Allah gives us more sustenance. Even in Islam’s teaching, we are encouraged to seek wealth in order to help others. Alhamdulillah thanx to my side income biz, I gave Mama RM500 for her expenditure and another RM300 for my aunties in Malacca. I’ve also prepared duit raya for Mama to distribute around RM300 and definitely I’ve allocated some fund for them too. 

Plus, this year also happened to be the very 1st time I sedekah a lot. Usually I would only sedekah in small doses but as I said earlier; earn more to help others. Alhamdulillah, I truly feel more content and surreal when I spent appropriately for His sake. Nawaitu kerana Allah SWT. Syukran. Actually this happened to be my very first time to trifle away on surplus expenditure. Well, I am letting my hair down and detest letting anyone upset the applecart as I’ve worked so hard for that extra ringgit. 

Synonymous to all these hectic Eid preparation, Uncle Din and I actually bought an apartment at Batu 3, Shah Alam. We are still in the process of signing the Sale & Purchase (SNP) document though. Now this really reminds me of Baba’s words of wisdom; everything happen for a reason and you will see it when the dust has settled. I must say I vouch his thoughts because it would terribly dreadful for us to settle the down payment if it wasn’t for my PB biz. RM21k may not sound burdening to some but Uncle Din and I have mediocre salary. Hence as I have that extra ringgit, I guess it would be just right to turn it to good account. That is what marriage is all about right?; for better or worse.

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