Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My baby has mouth ulcer

As-salam & good day,

This is not one of my best moments as a mother. When bad things happen to your baby, you must take the sole responsibility for either causing it or not noticing it. Subhanallah, I pray that my daughter will forgive my negligence for causing her so much pain.

This great ordeal that I am referring to is none other than Piya’s miserable pain enduring mouth ulcer. Actually, she is going through the stage of teething hence it is does not seem peculiar to me when her saliva keeps drooling all over the places. But Cik D the babysitter did mentioned a salient point to me on Thursday July 5, 2012; “Dora, arini air liur Piya byk sgt.. meleleh2 sampai basah lencun baju dier.. ini baju kedua arini tapi dh basah dh.” I heard that but I did not listen to her. And that was my BIGGEST MISTAKE. 

Her saliva continued to drool until Saturday and yet I just ignored it because I really thought it was part and parcel of her teething experiences. Besides, teething is not an issue to her as she won’t be down with a fever or whatnot. Teething never caused her any illness. Perhaps some slight temperature but no fevers. We went to Mid Valley Megamall in the afternoon as I need to buy a wedding present and a birthday gift for friends. I slip a baby bip around her neck to protect her clothes from being wet. Her saliva was getting worse and she really looked like a broken tap; the drooling was incessant. I changed the bip and much to my surprise it was really soaked! We continued to assume perhaps her gum is soaring so we seek help from a pharmacist. I tried to apply the gel to Piya but she was not cooperative. She began throwing tantrums during lunch too. She refuses to munch any food and even detest ice cream. Now, things don’t seem right anymore. If she is really in pain due to teething, why on earth is she refusing to drink her milk too? She barely finishes 8oz of milk that day and that caprice vouches something is amiss. 

Pakai Bip sbb air liur meleleh byk sgt
Mulut kering. Ader ulcer bwh lidah die tuh
We went to the clinic after Maghrib with hopes we could still make it to Zaki & Farah’s birthday bash for Zafran. We were attended by Dr. Sebastian (Alam Medic Bukit Jelutong Clinic) and much to our surprise Dr. Sebastian informed us that her mouth was actually full with ulcers. It was all over her mouth! The cheeks, the lips, underneath her tongue and even around her throat were covered with ulcers. The 1st thing that came to my mind was none other than HAND, FOOT, MOUTH Disease aka HFMD. Thankfully the doctor confirmed that it was only mouth ulcer. The symptoms are not akin to HFMD. 

Dr. Sebastian prescribed us a mouth spray namely as Aloclaire. Initially it was difficult to spray the meds in her mouth but it must be done. As she lay down sleeping soundly on my lap, I tested the meds on myself; I too sprayed the meds inside my mouth because I must know what am I giving her? It tasted like mint; a bit sweet & appealing. Subsequently my mouth began to feel slightly numb. No wonder Piya was much relieved after I gave her the spray. 

So hereinafter I’ve been giving her the spray until today and eventually she became addicted to it. She would voluntarily open her mouth when I was about to spray her mouth. Alhamdulillah she is recovering.

Now, U may ask me "What causes this ulcer to occur?" Well, these are the notes that I just been made known of:-

1. Teach them to brush their teeth even if they only have 2 front teeth.
2. Either their bottles are dirty or they smeared it on the floor prior to putting it in the mouth
3. Allergies; some allergies are prone to cause ulcers.
4. Perhaps their hands were dirty
5. Lack of H2O.

My salient point in my post here is as mothers, we must never take things for granted. People won’t point their fingers to the babysitter or the fathers or the grannies; people will always ponder “How come she did not realize this?” Piya’s ordeal was excruciating; she was hungry but she detests the notion to drink & chew. She became windy subsequently it causes her colic for 3 nights in a row now. Any contact with the ulcers is unbearable. It could be worse. It could have been HFMD. Nevertheless, it was none of the above. Syukur Alhamdulillaaah…          


  1. Dora, if Pia refused to brush her teeth, this may b about the type of brush itself...Zameer dulu pon sy ajar ngan silicone brush sblm ke berus gigi biasa...

    ni try refer kat blog sorg mummy yg cite psl ni jugak: http://ryehannazz.blogspot.com/2012/07/baby-banana-brush.html

  2. thank you mama zameer.... tuh laa psl, tak tau plak dh kena start ajar gosok gigi...