Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Invest correctly

Remarks from my prospects:

“Saya nak tau harga dulu sebab PB nih mahal la”
“PB ni mahal so saya kena bincang dengan suami dulu”
“Mahal nye installment RM100 sebulan. Mcm cannot commit la”

Okay folks, these are among the comments that I received when people text me to seek PB’s price. Yes, I do concur with you that PB is quite costly. That was also my first thought when I bought it from Sharifah Zahira. The thing is my installment plan was different whereby I paid RM400 monthly. And yes, like others, I too had to practice prudent spending as RM400 was a big commitment. But then again, what did I gain within the 5 months of my stipulated period?

Instead of being round & plum, my body is nicely shape
I no longer hide excess fat with big clothes bcoz I don't have them anymore 
I get to spice up my wardrobe with fancy clothes due to my new figure
I no longer allocate budget to buy new lingerie / bras
My posture is naturally straight due to habit
I feel healthier & more energetic 
I feel Confident & poise
I get to save more

Does that make any sense to you? If I was reluctant to pay RM400/- for PB, can you surmise how I would have spend that money? Now ask yourself; if RM100/- is hard for you, was it that hard too when u did the followings:-

Dine at restaurants & the receipt was RM100?
Bought new pair of shoes cost RM50 twice a year?
Bought a new handbag at RM100?
Went for a vacation or sight seeing cost RM400?

You may have to spend RM100/- for the next several months to settle the payment but you'll be wearing PB at least 5 days/week * 8 hours/day = 40 hours / week. Furthermore PB can be worn minimum up to 5 years. Does that spell ROI to you?  


When you are willing to spend RM100/- for a new pair of shoes / blouse / handbag etc, do you wear them for 40 hours / week? Can they last up until 5 years?

Some thoughts are worth to ponder.
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