Friday, July 20, 2012

Babysitter terbaik

Assalam & Good day,

InsyaAllah tomorrow will be the beginning of the most anticipated period for all Muslims; none other than the holistic, chaste & divine Ramadhan. Like other wives and mothers, I am no exceptional in preparing a weekly menu for Sahur & iftar. Alhamdulillah this shall be my 2nd experience enduring Ramadhan with my beautiful Durra Elfieya. Another thought exist as an integral part of my mind though. Tomorrow will not only mark the debut of Ramadhan, synonymously tomorrow will also mark Piya’s 1 year anniversary of being under the care of her Ummi; I call her Cik D the baby sitter. She has a blog and you can read it here.

You can read my journal of scouting a babysitter around Shah Alam-Bukit Jelutong-Kg Melayu Subang here. This entry is not perjured to uplift her in a different echelon than other babysitters; this is just an epistle of love and gratitude to her for caring my daughter like her very own.

Dear Cik D / Ummi,

Given my stipulated confinement period, apprehension was never far from one’s mind worrying over my daughter’s fate. With increasing news on abuse at daycare or mistreat by babysitters, I was constantly agonized by these thoughts. Even though I decided to pass the ‘mother’ baton to you during the day, believe me the decision was not easy. I can still remember the very 1st day I handed her to you. It was 1st day of Ramadhan. As dawn had begun to erase the darkness, I stood in front of your door feeling so frail inside. Piya was so small and delicate. Tears were collecting in the rims of my eyes as I drove to Proton that morning. Yet, I leave everything to Allah and pray that you will never treat her with contempt. I convinced myself that this is just the part parcel to her upbringing. 

1st day from Cik D
Piya when she was younger
ALHAMDULILLAH… for the past 1 year being under your care, I could not imagine a better babysitter. You treat all your children with equal love and extra care. Super delicious foods, hygiene house, well organized racks and doll them up prior to parent’s arrival after work. Coincidently all your children are in the same age group. Hence, I surmised it must have been challenging to care 5 babies at once. Even I faced topsy-turvy caring for Piya alone not to mention you caring for 5 babies.

Zameer - Aniq - Balqis - Piya - Caca (Abg Izqil takde dlm nih)
There are some times where you have glitches and I was caught by surprise. Better still, you are caring for 5 babies and it is irrefutable that it could have been worse if Piya was sent to a daycare. There is no such thing as a perfect mother; only the best mother that we can be.

Happy baby @ Cik D

You have been great, you have done well. You exist as an integral part of our life and Piya is imprinted by your love. Thank you for everything Cik D. May Allah reward your in many ways and flourish your sustenance. Selamat Berpuasa.

With love,

Mama Piya


  1. Nice writing!

    Yes, agreed with u about Cik D (Ummi)...Moga Allah berkati hidupnya atas kasih sygnya utk anak2 kita...amin... :)

    Luv u, Cik D!

  2. tuh laa mama zameer.... genap sethn saya hantar piya ke cik d.... bukan senang nak jumpa org syg anak kita mcm tuh Naa...

  3. Tanyer sikit,cik d ni still amek budak ker?just for weekend..