Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Mag on the rack: Hijabista

As I whither with a fickle-state of mind at SACC yesterday, I stumbled upon a magazine that has a catchy cover. Feeling conundrum with the kaleidoscopic cover, I just had to browse through and have a look. It is actually a new magazine on the rack namely as Hijabista: Revolusi Bertudung.

Diana Amir had the honors to be the very 1st figure for the magazine’s debut. I thought the magazine was synonymously like other hijab magazine; but I was wrong.

The magazine felt like a concoction of Bazaar+Cleo+Vogue+Nur+Remaja. It has style, it has a voice; it is iambic. The magazine is actually another platform for virtual bloggers and fashionista to emerge. It has garnered a repertoire of ideas in styling the hijab and proper bodice to comprehend. It is good to see that today hijab is accepted and acknowledge by local designers.  I don’t think the fashion is subtle though.  

Just to name a few household names mentioned in the magazine:-

Pearl Haya
Bunga Closet
Nanano Collection
Cotton Addict
Mimpi Kita
Ammara Hijabi

I surmise this magazine is a good buy. Just wait and see the following release.

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