Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bday @ Office for March & April

Every month my office would hold a birthday celebration for the staff. However, as we have been immersed with work in conjunction with our new management, the recent celebration was a combination of March and April babies.

As I was among the organizers, I decided to improvise the menu within stipulated budget. Syafiah and I went to IOI Mall and bought 2 dozens of J.Co donuts, 8 Subway Sub-of-the-day, fruits and drink.I was just made known recently that J.Co offer 2 dozens of donut at only RM37.60. That's cheap because a single donut is RM2.40.

I asked other colleagues to collect our birthday cake; Red Velvet at Section 17, Shah Alam. Interestingly, I never knew the baker and I only read reviews on her from the net. I am very glad that she was willing to compromise my impromptu request and still manage to get it done as agreed. Thank you Amy!

To complement the menu, Abg Zul brought Mee Kuah from home. Furthermore, Syed treated us a bucket of KFC. The food was actually ample for 25 people with a budget of RM270 only. 

Sopi did this
Mizah was not around as Aniq was ill... Next time yea Mizah.. :)

~Happy Birthday to En. Syawal, Kak Neng, Kak Yati, Kak Intan, Syafiah and Mizah~

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