Monday, April 16, 2012

Me vs Grandparents

Another weekend spent at home with Ayah. Lately the weather is also very cloudy which kinda makes us prone to remain tucked in our beds. Having said that, I still did the laundry as usual after Subuh prayer. So, feeling bored and hungry, I cooked fried rice for Ayah and prepared cheese sandwich for Piya. It is so much fun preparing sandwiches for her. For lunch and dinner, I cooked rice porridge with plenty of veggies for her. Alhamdulillah, she has good appetite.
My salient point today is what Piya is consuming. Staying with the grandparents does offer a different gamut of challenges. My latest drill that kinda makes me boil is Maktok’s stubborn pleasure of feeding Piya foods / drinks that I am not ready to offer. The latest incident took place while she was preparing Tok Ayem a glass of ice lemon tea when I heard an apparent giggle. Maktok called me and asked to look at Piya. I came over the dining table and maktok demonstrated again an action in front for me; she was feeding Piya with ice lemon tea. APAKAH…?
Geraaam nyer aku masa tuh Tuhan saja yg tau…….. Maktok suka wat mcm nih tau… This incident took place while I was around Piya but what would happen during times when I leave Piya to Maktok all by her selves? I scolded Maktok as usual and as expected Maktok would be in denial defending her actions. This is not the first time ok………..
Scene 1: Piya throwing foods all over the place while feeding time (part of her milestone)
Mama Piya: Sayang, don’t throw your foods. Mama xsuka.
Maktok: xpe, die kecik lagi.

Scene 2: Piya screaming at the top of her lungs demanding something
Mama Piya: Elfieya! Boleh tak jgn jerit2..? Mama xsuka tau.
Maktok: xpe, die kecik lagi.
Mama Piya: Amboi~ Kecik lagi..? kalau masa Dora kecik dulu, xde maaf.
Maktok: Sayang anak lain, sayang cucu lain.

Scene 3: Maktok feeds Piya foods w/o my consent.
Mama Piya: Mama kasi Piya makan ape? Boleh ke??? Biar betol mama nih!
Maktok: Aku dh bela 4 org anak elok jer semua. Tak sakit otak pon.

Sabar jer laaaa….. I am one of those people facing this grandparents-indulging-my baby-issue.
I notice that my parents turned over a new leaf with Piya’s presence. Suddenly they’re no longer the monster who used to scold us (at the top of their lungs) or even beat us with rotan / hanger / newspaper etc. They no longer have those demonic eyes glazing at you fiercely for breaking something, spoiling food or pestering them. I remember asking this question to my mom and she responded that she is more serene and buoyant now. She’s no longer easily moved by some sense of friction. Based on my observations, I think the reasons behind these new behavioral are most probably influenced by these:-
They have lesser competing pressures for their time. Surplus leisure time I presume. They’re no longer need to punch-in / out daily or have to crack their head mitigating office issues.

An abundance of time + money; what better way could they think of rather than spoiling the little munchkin?     

It is irrefutably that grandparents love babies more than their own children. I think it’s because they will regard the little human as their descendant carrying their name & family’s honor. I was quite stunned the other day when my mom holds Piya as I was slipping on my slipper; she said to Piya “Oh sayang tok! How can I live w/o you?”

2 months old - Mak Tok nak mandikan Piya
9 months old - holiday at PD with Mak Tok

Sayang sayang jugak… but they’re not the ones to bear the brunt of problems later.

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