Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dinner at Big Plate

Last weekend, all my plans were cancelled due to inevitable circumstances. So we ended up staying home and enjoyed a lay back family time. I was looking forward to take my parents to Masjid Negara for Maghrib & Isya’ prayer later that day; nothing special though. Just a new culture that I manage to inculcate in the house. I was just about to bathe and get dress when suddenly it began to rain heavily. Oh bummer…..
Uncle Din just laughed at me; he said I looked so sad and gloomy as if I just lost a lottery. To cheer things up, he brought Piya and I to Big Plate for dinner. Yeaaaa~ I just love eating Fish & Chip at Big Plate. Furthermore Big Plate is just 5 mins drive from home. To be precise, it’s just around the corner with my house. It was definitely convenient to dine at a place nearby. I brought Piya’s milk, clip fan and pacifier only. No diaper, no extra clothes. Senang~

We arrived at 9.00 pm which was quite a mistake. Restaurants are always full-house at prime time or slightly after as everyone rush for dinner. We still manage to find a good spot especially when you request for a high chair. I brought bread for Piya so that she won’t get bored and hungry which usually leads her in throwing tantrums.

I ordered Ikan Morib aka Fish & Chip while Uncle Din ordered Triple Deck Sandwich. The place serves great food with surplus abundance of veggies / salad. You have read the menu clearly as who ever design the menu is an idiot. Can you imagine that there’s about 2,3 pages repeated twice with only one difference; either to serve with daily vegetables or garden salad. What the heck…? Why can’t they just write the menu on one page as “………… served with daily vegetables / garden salad” and customers would decide? Even the menu is so hideous; even a university student’s assignment looks much better.  

Sib baik makanan sedap…….

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