Thursday, March 01, 2012

Especially for you golek~

As March has arrived, i am filled with great anticipation. Well basically for 2 main reasons:-

1. Uncle din's bday which is 4th March
2. My BFF bday too; 17th March

Coincidentally, i treated the whole office meals from Butcher and Grill (Putra Height's outlet) as a token for my recent promotion upgrading. Yes, it is a double joy for me receiving 2 recognitions in February. I always bear in mind that "what you give, you get back". Even Allah SWT has promised the same thing in the holy Al-Quran right.

Today's post will be dedicated to my dear Golek as she will be reading it tomorrow from Hubby's office. Apparently she is residing in Dubai since Raya Haji so i have not seen her in awhile.

Thank you Golek for your infinite support.. Miss you babe~

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